Quest:Instance: The Weeping Warrior

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Instance: The Weeping Warrior
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Landscape
Starts at The Dale-lands
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [21.2N, 23.7W]
Quest Group The Dale-lands
Quest Chain Trail of Rust
Reflecting Pool Strongholds of the North Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Bryn, Prince of Dale, has fled into the wilds, his mind troubled by the turbulent worlds, and his own place within it."


Erna is worried about her son Bryn who has become more and more distant and aggravated.

Objective 1

Try to speak with Bryn.

Prince Bryn: 'What do you want of me, <name>? Have you come to mock me again, or to shame me before my mother and brother?
'Look around you. Beyond Dale's walls, our kingdom hangs by a thread. We say the Easterlings are our vanquished foes, and yet they roam freely through the Dale-lands. We say many things that are wrong. My friend has shown me much, and my eyes are opened now. He has shown me how much I could accomplish if I were king instead of Bard.
'I see that mocking look in your eye. You think me a child. You disbelieve me. Come with me then and you'll meet him for yourself. Then he can explain it. Oh, he does so, so much better than I do!'

Objective 2

  • Follow Bryn to meet his friend

Follow Bryn and meet his friend.

Prince Bryn says, "It is peaceful out here in the wilds."
Prince Bryn says, "This is the only place where I can clearly think."
Prince Bryn says, "Dale is in ruins."
Prince Bryn says, "My brother knows not how to rule."
Prince Bryn says, "Those who attacked the town did us a favour."
Prince Bryn says, "I see a different future, if I were King."
Prince Bryn says, "One which sees a partnership between the Dale-lands and the East."
Prince Bryn says, "Dale could become the most powerful empire in the North!"
Prince Bryn says, "My friend agrees with me."
Prince Bryn says, "I have learned much about being a ruler."
Prince Bryn says, "I have learned much of the east, and of Rhûn."
Prince Bryn says, "There are great powers in Rhûn."
Prince Bryn says, "Now we are close to my friend."
Prince Bryn says, "He will explain these truths to you."
Before you stands Akshir, the Jangovar leader

Objective 3

Listen to Bryn's exchange with Akshir.

Akshir says, "Bryn! Why have you brought this <race> here?"
Akshir says, "This <class> only just tried to kill me!"
Prince Bryn says, "Do not worry, Akshir. <name> was only misguided."
Akshir says, "Hmm, well... keep your distance, <race>, and I will hold my quarrel with you."
Prince Bryn says, "Akshir, explain to <name>, your ideas of uniting Dale and Rhûn."
Akshir says, "There is no time for that now."
Akshir says, "We must complete your training."
Akshir says, "Take this blade."
Akshir says, "Take it! You know what you must do!"
Prince Bryn says, "Akshir, is there not another way?"
Prince Bryn says, "I, I need more time."
Akshir says, "After all I have taught you, and you ask this of me?"
Akshir says, "There is no more time!"
Akshir shouts, "Aaaaaghh!"
Prince Bryn says, "What is going on? <name>!"

Objective 4

Beckon Bryn to you.

The Weeping Warrior looks coldly at you

Objective 5

Listen to the Weeping Warrior.

Karazgar says, "Akshir served his purpose."
Karazgar says, "As did you, <class>."
Karazgar says, "You came north, as I knew you would."
Karazgar says, "You followed the course I set."
Karazgar says, "..."
Karazgar says, "Smaug, Scatha, Fingar, Hrímil, Thostír."
The Weeping Warrior escapes

Objective 6

Talk to Bryn.

Prince Bryn: 'Who was that - that deathly creature? What had Akshir to do with him? And why did it sound as if he were taking orders from him? Tell me, <name>! Akshir would take orders from nobody - he is wise and...
'Oh! What a fool I have been. And to think he had near convinced me to kill my own brother. Did you see? He gave me the knife to do it with. Bah! I can barely look at the awful thing. What sorcery did Akshir cast upon me? What shall I do? Flee in exile and never return?'
You speak gently to Bryn, and convince him to return home, be brave and honest, and confess the truth.
'That is the thing that most terrifies me, <name>, and so it must be the brave and right one.'
Prince Bryn: 'Though I can barely face my family right now, I know that we should return and tell them of rust-man and of what evil deceits he is capable.'