Quest:Instance: The Day the Giant Came

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Instance: The Day the Giant Came
Level 85
Type Session Play
Starts with Gifemund
Starts at Dunfast's Refugees
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [38.7S, 67.1W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: Whitshaws
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Day the Giant Came
"Now that the escapees from Dunfast have recovered their strength and their hope, you must endeavour to pry their tale from them."


You have come outside your home in town to find the snow worse than any weather you have seen in this part of Rohan.

Objective 1

You have come outside your home in town to find the snow worse than any weather you have seen in this part of Rohan.

Ludeca: 'The weather brought you out of your warm home as well, did it?
'A little snow never bothered anyone, but this is indeed strange.'

Objective 2

  • Listen to your neighbors

You have come outside your home in town to find the snow worse than any weather you have seen in this part of Rohan.

Herethryth says, "This winter is something...."
Townperson says, "I have never seen snows like this before!"
Ludeca says, "Nay. Nor I.´"
Ludeca says, "What is this madness?"
Townperson says, "The air -- it doesn't feel right..."
A terrible rumbling shakes the earth

Objective 3

  • Talk to Ludeca

You have come outside your home in town to find the snow worse than any weather you have seen in this part of Rohan.

Ludeca: 'What in the world was that?
'Gifemund, will you go look? You have experience in arms...'
The rumbling sounded like it came from near the windmill

Objective 4

  • Search near the windmill for the source of the rumbling

The rumbling came from north-west of town.

You should search for the source of the rumbling.

You find that you have not the will to go further. You are too afraid, brave though you are...

Objective 5

Ludeca is in Dunfast.

You should speak with Ludeca.

Ludeca 'You are pale as a ghost, Gifemund! Whatever is it?'
You explain to your worried neighbors about the terrible force of menace and the blinding cold you felt north-west of the village.
'We should evacuate! Whatever terror approaches, I do not like it.'

Objective 6

  • Evacuate everyone! (0/5)

Something evil bears down on Dunfast.

You should ensure that everyone has evacuated their homes.

Herethryth says, "I must get my child out! Let us meet in the woods behind Ludeca's farm!"
Townperson says, "I'll not get swallowed up by that menace! I will stay inside where it is safe!"
Ludeca says, "I like Herethryth's plan better..."
Ludeca says, "Please help get everyone out! We must run, or I know we shall die at the hands of... whatever it is..."
Ludeca says, "Please hurry, Gifemund! I must go gather my things."

Ludeca's Home

Ludeca: 'I will be out to meet you shortly, Gifemund! I will not be much longer.
'Between you and me, old friend, I have never been so afraid in my life! This unnatural winter has had me on edge, but... but this is worse...'
Ludeca says, "I have never been so afraid in my life!"
Ludeca is terrified of the sudden change of weather in Dunfast, as terrified as you are yourself

Iothete's Home

The unearthly chill in Iothete's home reminds you that Iothete rarely comes here anymore. You hope that he is safe

Gifemund's Home

You have entered your own home
You have gathered some meagre belongings, but you feel a great urge to keep moving

A Dunfast Home

Dunfast Refugee: 'O what will become of us? I am slow, but I will try to keep up. Thank you dear Gifemund, for coming to warn me! I am so afraid!'
Dunfast Refugee says, "I will meet you at the farm! Thank you, dear Gifemund."
You fear for your elderly neighbour, but an uncertain fate in the frozen wild is better than certain death in Dunfast

Forthere's home

Forthere's home is locked, as always. It is best to come back when all else is done

Léofburg's Home

Léofburg: 'What is it, Gifemund?? Why does the earth shake?'
You hastily tell Léofburg to gather warm cloaks, food, and water, and meet at Herethryth's farm.
'I will do as you say, but...if we leave town, we shall all die of cold!'
Léofburg says, "This cold will kill us, if that evil presence does not!"
Léofburg reluctantly agrees to meet outside of Dunfast

Objective 7

Forthere's house is on the outskirts of Dunfast.

You should break into Forthere's house.

The door to Forthere's home opens with a loud crack!

Objective 8

  • Convince Forthere to evacuate

You should convince Forthere to flee Dunfast and evacuate.

Forthere: 'Only cowards flee their homes. Fight alongside me, Gifemund, and drive the enemy back!'
Gifemund now recalls that he was still chilled by the icy power just outside Dunfast. A heated argument between the two neighbors ensued, and Forthere became obstinate.
Forthere says, "Coward! You would abandon your home, Gifemund?"
Forthere says, "I'll fight the enemy myself, if I must! Just try and stop me."
Forthere says, "Unh!"
Forthere, beaten, was carried out and evacuated with the others...

Instance: The Day the Giant Came