Quest:Instance: The Battle of Dol Baran

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Instance: The Battle of Dol Baran
Level 74
Type Solo
Starts with Féarn
Starts at Dol Baran
Start Region Gap of Rohan
Map Ref [88.2S, 6.8W]
Quest Group Gap of Rohan: Heathfells
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The Dunlendings have launched a full attack upon the Rohirrim holding Dol Baran in an attempt to disloge them from the high ground overlooking the Isendale.


The Dunlendings are assaulting the Rohirrim encampment atop Dol Baran.

Objective 1

Defend against the Dunlendings atop Dol Baran.

Grimbold: 'Here they come, <name>! We must hold this position against the Dunlendings!'
Grimbold says, "Stand ready my countrymen! The barbarians approach!"
Destroyed Dunlending banners (4/4)
Grimbold says, "Their chieftain has taken to the field! This is it my countrymen, stand fast!"
You defeated the Dunlending chieftain
Grimbold says, "Well fought! Tis a grim night, but it is ours nonetheless!"
You have driven back the Dunlendings

Objective 2

  • Talk to Grimbold atop Dol Baran

Grimbold awaits you atop Dol Baran.

You should speak with Grimbold regarding your victory.

Grimbold: 'Well done, <name>! Our losses were great, but we held out against the will take them time to recover, and by that time, we should have reinforcements.'

Objective 3

  • See to the dead atop Dol Baran

See to the dead atop Dol Baran.

Féarn says, "The Dunlendings have fallen back sir, we have driven them off!"
Grimbold says, "The day is ours, yes, but at a cost."
Grimbold says, "We must see to the honour of our fallen comrades."
Féarn says, "Shall we give them leave to come gather their dead?"
Grimbold says, "Offer them a parley, but I don't..."
Grimbold says, "Wait... what is this unearthly chill!?"
Féarn says, "Some dread apparition is upon us! Beware!"
Grimbold says, "A servant of the Enemy! Stand fast!"
Fell-rider Nazgûl says, "Put down your weapons, fools."
Fell-rider Nazgûl says, "Where I here for you, they would avail you not."
Fell-rider Nazgûl says, "But the living are of no import to me. I am here to claim the fallen."
Grimbold says, "You are a carrion beast born of darkness!"
Grimbold says, "The Men of Rohan shall not be yours!"
Fell-rider Nazgûl says, "Enough! You may waste your time in meaningless rites of honor..."
Fell-rider Nazgûl says, "But Mordor still has use for the dead!"
Féarn says, "The... the Dunlendings... what is he doing?"
Fell-rider Nazgûl says, "Farewell, Horse-lords -- your time comes soon enough!"
Féarn says, "He has taken the Dunlendings -- yet our own men remain."
Féarn says, "This bodes ill. The strength of Mordor has grown so great already."
Grimbold says, "Think no more of it. This is not a matter for Men."
Grimbold says, "We have our own fallen to see to, and we must be about it."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Captain Féarn atop Dol Baran

Captain Féarn awaits you atop Dol Baran.

You should speak with Captain Féarn regarding the victory you recently achieved there.

Féarn: 'This battle is over, for the time being.
'I do not expect the Dunlendings will be ready to muster another assault upon Dol Baran until their main force moves out of Wulf's Cleft...and for that, we shall have sufficient warning to gauge their thrust.
'Let us hope that is enough.'