Quest:Chapter 6: Fallow Ground

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Chapter 6: Fallow Ground
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Horn
Starts at Lornsettle
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [37.9S, 61.0W]
Ends with Gléowine
Ends at Lornsettle
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [37.9S, 61.1W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 10
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Gárwig may not see a means of defeating Núrzum, but we should not judge him too harshly. He buckles under the weight of his worry, but there is strength there. It is buried deeply, like the fields of Wildermore beneath this unnatural cold.

'Gléowine tells me that the Fallows were home to the most bountiful farms in Wildermore. If they survive at all it is a testament to the strong will of their owners, but they are not warriors, and their strength will not last when faced with uruk-hai and warg-riders.

'There is a pass from the Norcrofts into Wildermore at its southernmost reaches, but no riders or information have gone that way for some weeks. Ride among the farms of the Fallows and defeat warg-riders on your way to that pass. I suspect some foe holds the road against us. Defeat whatever you find there, and meet me at Gárferth's Farm afterward. We will do what good we can against the foes we can manage. Núrzum must wait.'


Horn thinks the people of the Fallows could use your help against their enemies.

Objective 1

Warg-riders can be found throughout the Fallows, in Wildermore, and some foe has shut the southern road into the Norcrofts.

Horn has asked you to defeat warg-riders in the Fallows and to investigate the southern road out of Wildermore.

Horn: 'Warg-riders can be found throughout the Fallows, and some foe has shut the southern road out of Wildermore. I think we should put a stop to it.'

Objective 2

Horn is waiting for you at Gárferth's Farm, in the south-east reaches of the Fallows.

You have defeated both warg-riders and the uruk-hai at Kúthaus, and should now meet Horn at Gárferth's Farm, where he said he would be waiting for you.

Horn: 'What did you find at the southern road into the Norcrofts?'
Horn listens to your account of the uruk-hai at Kúthaus.
'That is as I suspected, <name>. If there had been no danger, word would have left Wildermore of its troubles well before now.
'Speaking with what few folk I have found, I learned from where the wargs come: a farm to the south-west, once owned by Edsig, but now overrun by the minions of Saruman and the creatures they ride. Defeat wargs and warg-riders in the Fallows, as you have done, but do so now in and around Edsig's farm. You may slow their assault on the other farms. If you find salvageable crops at Edsig's Farm, bring them to the provisioner in Forlaw. If it comes to a siege, Reeve Gárwig will be glad of the additional supplies.'

Objective 3

  • Defeat wargs and their riders in the Fallows (0/6)
  • Collect salvageable crops from Edsig's Farm (0/4)

Wargs and their riders stalk the Fallows, and many can be located Edsig's Farm, located in the southern reaches.

Horn has asked you to defeat the wargs and their riders in the Fallows, and to bring any salvageable crops you find from Edsig's Farm to the provisioner at Forlaw.

Objective 4

  • Bring the salvaged crops to the provisioner in Forlaw

The provisioner of Forlaw is in the southern courtyard of the city.

You have salvaged some crops from an overrun farm in the Fallows, and should bring them to the provisioner at Forlaw.

Provisioner: 'Thank you for these. I am glad the Orcs did not despoil these crops. We will surely have need of them, unless this terrible winter lifts tomorrow. It came on so suddenly. Perhaps it will leave equally so.
'If it does not, these crops will buy us a few days more. I suppose that is the best for which we can hope.'

Objective 5

Gléowine is in Forlaw, and wishes to speak with you.

You have brought some crops to the provisioner in Forlaw, and should now see what Gléowine has been doing.

Corudan: 'This chill gets into my bones, and makes me miss the Golden Wood. Still, we go where we are needed, and without complaint.
'For the most part, <name>. For the most part.'
Horn: 'The people hope that this unnatural winter will soon lift, but it is hard for me to think it will. It came on too suddenly to be properly of this world.'
Gléowine: 'Oh, this cold! This feels nothing like the Wildermore of my youth, <name>. I left as a young man and returned an old one, and the land that greets me is more different than I myself have become!
'Deserted farms, frozen rivers, enemies lurking behind every tree and over every stone. What will we find when we come to my home of Dunfast?'

Completing this quest will unlock an optional interlude from Gléowine's map