Quest:Brúlk, Slayer of Gárnoth

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Brúlk, Slayer of Gárnoth
Level 85
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Ebba
Starts at Gárferth's Home
Start Region Forlaw
Map Ref [38.9S, 60.9W]
Ends with Ebba
Ends at Gárferth's Home
End Region Forlaw
Map Ref [38.9S, 60.9W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: Fallows
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'About eleven years ago this winter, a Warg the size of a bull attacked the farms and killed all the cattle. It forced the farmers to stay inside for days. The crops for Forlaw were going to be ruined! The eldest son of Gárwig, Gárnoth the Brave, heeded the call for help and rode out to slay the Warg. It was an epic battle, and he drove the Warg away, but was mortally wounded in the process. The Warg was believed to be dead, until it re-emerged in the past year, and roams the southwest fields once more.


It has become a tale told to the children of Wildermore, mostly used to scare them into staying indoors at night. Brúlk, the largest Warg to ever stalk the land of Wildermore, frequents the nightmares of most people of Forlaw.

Gárnoth bravely risked his life to save the loyal workers of his farm, and to save the cows and crops for Forlaw. He went toe to toe with Brúlk, and they were gravely wounded in battle, with Gárnoth dying from those injuries. Brúlk's body has ever been found. He was thought dead, but recently clues of his existence have appeared on the plains, and talk stirs among the townsfolk about the omen of his return.

Objective 1

  • Find signs of and defeat the slayer of Gárnoth

Southwest of Gárnoth's Farm rumour spreading around town is that there is clues of Brúlk's return. Look for footprints or a half-eaten animal corpse that appears to be from a very large Warg.

Defeated Brúlk

Objective 2

The widow Ebba awaits your return in her late husband's home in Forlaw.

Ebba: <pending>