Quest:Bounty: Holkorm

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Bounty: Holkorm
Level 117
Type Solo
Starts with Zhélruka Bounty board
Starts at Dôm Goru
Start Region Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Ends with Holkorm
Ends at The Bitter Scar
End Region Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Map Ref [36.4N, 41.8W]
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Ered Mithrin
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The bounty notice is written in a flowery script. Its author must have taken a while to set down his message. It reads:

'We Zhélruka prize our claim to these mountains, but the rocky cliffs are home to other less noble denizens. The Mithrin worms claim them as well, and do not willingly surrender their hold! Strike them down and we are, as ever, to be feared!

'But I urge caution in one respect. Worms of a reddish, coppery hue will put up a fight, but can be bested. But if you see a worm with ice-blue scales, you may have found Holkorm, more ferocious than these others. He may be a worm of a different brood; I cannot say for certain. I offer a reward to any who can rid these mountains of Holkorm and thin the ranks of the Mithrin worms that threaten our expedition.'


A bounty notice asks you to seek out Holkorm, a ravenous wild beast in Ered Mithrin.

Objective 1

Holkorm and Mithrin worms can be found in Ered Mithrin.

You should defeat worms.

Objective 2

  • Completed


You have defeated Holkorm and assisted the expedition.