Quest:Book 6, Chapter 4: The Foe Resurgent

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Book 6, Chapter 4: The Foe Resurgent
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Ingbert
Starts at Kings' End
Start Region Kings' End
Map Ref [22.4N, 14.2W]
Ends with Éomer
Ends at Riders' Stand
End Region Riders' Stand
Map Ref [18.3N, 15.4W]
Quest Chain Vol. IV. Book 6
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The enemy forces were being led by the wraith that killed Théoden and Lady Éowyn. If the armies of Mordor were going to flee in the wake of his death, they would have done so already. I think they must have another commander, <name>, and he has seized control of the enemy forces.

'Several Gondorian soldiers are resting from combat to the north of here. Go to them and see if they have learned anything of the enemy's organization.'


With the Witch-king now dead, a new commander has taken control of the enemy forces on the Pelennor Fields.

Objective 1

Forlong and Hirluin are north of Kings' End.

Elfhelm: 'Several Gondorian soldiers are resting from combat to the north of here. Go to them and see if they have learned anything of the enemy's organization.'
Forlong: 'The fighting has been fierce, <name>, and my blood is raised! Hirluin here has even broken a sweat, and I daresay some of his pretty hairs might shortly be mussed!
'I will need my own bottle of Beren's Blood, the wine of our youth, to quench this thirst when the fighting's done!'
Hirluin: 'A quick moment of respite to catch our breath, and then we will go once more into the fray.
'I have not seen any sign of a new commander among the enemy forces, but I doubt not there must be one. The armies of Mordor still press the attack; if they were leaderless they would surely run.'

Objective 2

Ingbert is at Kings' End.

Ingbert: 'They did not know what evil force now leads the armies of Mordor? It does not matter, for we will sweep them from the field, whether commanded or leaderless!
'We must return to combat, <name>! Speak to me when you are ready to wade once more into battle!'

Objective 3

Ingbert is at King's End, waiting to speak with you and return to battle.

Ingbert: 'To battle! Let none stand in our way!'
This is a Solo quest and cannot be completed with a Fellowship.

Objective 4

Éomer and his men have been surrounded on a hillock and cut off from the rest of the defenders.

Éomer: 'We are surrounded, <name>, and I believe the rain falls upon our last stand. As I rallied my men about me on the crest of this hillock, an arrow flew upon the heights and felled Dúnhere.
'Check his wounds and tell me if he will live, though I fear the worst for him.'

Objective 5

  • Study Dúnhere for signs of life at Riders' Stand

Dúnhere was felled by an arrow at Riders' Stand, and Éomer begged you to check for signs of life in his fallen friend.

Éomer: 'Does Dúnhere live?'
You examine him closely, but the result is grim. Dúnhere is dead.

Objective 6

  • Talk to Éomer at Riders' Stand

Éomer is at Riders' Stand.

Éomer: 'That arrow was meant for me, <name>. Farewell, Dúnhere! I treasure your friendship in death even as I did in life. Give my best to my uncle and my sister when you join them beyond, and tell them I will see them soon!
'Death calls for us, <name>! There were Gondorian soldiers fighting alongside us to the north. Find them and render your aid!'

Objective 7

  • Find Gondorian soldiers north of Éomer at Riders' Stand

Éomer sent you to help gondorian soldiers atop the hillock at Riders' Stand.

Éomer: 'Death calls for us, <name>! There were gondorian soldiers fighting alongside us to the north. Find them and render your aid!'
Forlong kneels by the body of Hirluin, slain by the Enemy

Objective 8

  • Talk to Forlong at Riders' Stand

Forlong kneels by the body of his friend Hirluin at Riders' Stand.

Forlong: 'There was nothing I could do, <name>! One moment Hirluin was valiantly standing against this great beast of a troll, and the next moment he was dead!
'My mouth is dry and ashy, but an endless parade of wine bottles will not refresh me. This battle began as a joyous reminder of my youth, but it is that no longer. Nay, it is the bitter taste of Old Calembel that fills my heart now. Hirluin, no longer Fair! My friend, I will not say farewell. I will keep your memory fresh in my mind for as long as I live, whether that be for my remaining years... or until the rain stops!
'<name>, the enemy presses us on all sides. Scout the approaches to the hill, for Hirluin if not for me. I would not have them do some injury to his corpse.'

Objectivem 9

  • Scout the several approaches up the hill at Riders' Stand (0/3)

Several approaches climb up the hill at Riders' Stand.

Forlong has asked you to scout the approaches up the hill, even if you think it futile to do so.

Forlong: 'Scout the approaches! Do it for Hirluin, if not for me!'
The forces of Mordor fill the plain, and smoke burns on the horizon
The armies of Mordor fill the field all the way to the river
From here you see that the enemy horde reaches as far as the Rammas

Objective 10

  • Talk to Éomer at the south-western outcropping of the hillock

Éomer has climbed a rocky outcropping on the south-western side of the hillock.

Éomer: '<name>, I have seen something that fills my heart with dread. I would not have thought this day could grow any worse, yet now I see I was a fool to believe it!'