Quest:A Search for Survivors

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A Search for Survivors
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Cyneberg
Starts at Dunfast
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [37.7S, 66.3W]
Ends with Herethryth
Ends at Dunfast's Refugees
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [38.7S, 67.1W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: Whitshaws
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I will tell you what I think: the people of Dunfast saw Núrzum's violence and felt the cold outside of town, and they ran, probably into the woods.

'We should find them at once! It is likely that they need our help, for it seems that they did not have enough time to prepare.

'Let us both begin searching. If you see any signs of them, give a whistle and I will join you.'


Cyneberg believes the refugees saw Núrzum's violence on the outskirts of town and wisely decided to flee.

Objective 1

  • Search the south-western woods for signs of the refugees

The refugees likely fled into the woods south-west of Dunfast, away from the ice-spire where Núrzum sat and terrorized the people of town.

You should search for signs of the refugees in the trees.

You have found a cloak snagged on a bent tree

Objective 2

Cyneberg can be called by using the whistle she gave you.

You should whistle for Cyneberg and show her what you found.

Cyneberg: 'Ah! A cloak snagged on a tree -- that is a good sign. It is certain they ran this way. Let us continue south-west.'
Cyneberg believes that the search should continue south

Objective 3

  • Search for another sign of the refugees

The refugees seem to have fled further into the woods to the south of Dunfast.

You should search for more signs of them.

You hear hushed voices nearby

Objective 4

  • Talk to Cyneberg

Cyneberg can be found at your side. You can use the whistle to summon her.

You should speak with Cyneberg.

Cyneberg: 'Did you hear that, <name>? Voices! Can it be they?'

Objective 5

  • Find the refugees and talk to Cyneberg

The source of the voices can be found south of Dunfast.

You should head towards the voices in the woods.

Cyneberg: 'Ah! Here we are, then.
'These people are in dire need of our aid, but I am so glad to see them alive.'

Objective 6

The refugees can be found at their small encampment south-west of Dunfast in the Whitshaws.

You should speak with a refugee of Dunfast.

Herethryth: 'Thank heavens! There is hope! Do you come with an army from Forlaw? Where are the rest of you?'