Quest:A Reluctant Leader

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A Reluctant Leader
Level 107
Type Solo
Starts at Kurtil
Start Region Udûn
Map Ref [41.5S, 5.7E]
End Region Udûn
Map Ref [44.8S, 5.9E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Udûn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'If Gradrágh agrees, many will follow. Such is an Overseer's sway, yes? Only Gradrágh here, fears, well - you will see. Calm him, do as he asks, sing him sweet songs until he agrees.

'Without Gradrágh and without poor dead Ushkbál here, we have no mouth of authority and we have too few who follow. We have, in fact, nothing.'

Kurtil studies your face, seriously, for a moment.

'I am Nurnhoth. Do you know what that is? We are slaves of Nurn. A sea is there and grain growing leagues by leagues. Slaves, all slaves there, every last one of my kind. Not once may be. Not long, long ago, if you believe the tattered old tellings. But now, we know only slavery and work and doing as leader tells. One such as Gradrágh can lead us to foolish death or great deeds with only a command. But not one in a thousand Nurnhoth have will to command themselves.

'Now you understand why Gradrágh is needed, yes? My kind, Orc-kind, Dwarf-kind, all must have a strong arm to follow.'


If Gradrágh will agree to join the meeting, many will follow. Without him, the endeavor falls apart.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Overseer Gradrágh

Gradrágh stands with Kurtil and the Dwarves on the path above Maudhúl Vôr.

Talk to Gradrágh the Overseer and convince him to join the meeting.

'How have you com into this whole affair, anyway. I'd like to know? Make no mistake, I'd rather leave this place than stay. No one's likely to live long, staying here. But if you ask me, this meeting is only going to hasten our end.
'Go right under the Captain of the Pit's nose and think he won't find out? True, the back of Maudhúl Ghûg is hidden enough. No spies or enforcers ever look there... still, precautions must be taken!
'I won't set foot within a stone's throw of Kurtil's little gathering unless Maudhúl Vôr's been scouted out to the last inch. I suppose that's you doing this, isn't it? And while you're at it, see that there are not so many lads kicking around those tents. When everything is clear as good steel and as safe as caves... raise the meeting flag, and bah! I'll come. I'll come and bring my people with me, too.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Kurtil

Kurtil stands by Gradrágh and the Dwarves on the path above Maudhúl Vôr.

You have talked to Gradrágh and he has given his grudging, conditional agreement. You should talk to Kurtil.

'I knew you would turn his mind, friend! You go ahead and do as he asks. Here, this is the meeting flag. I will follow.'

Objctive 3

  • Scout the eastern approach
  • Scout the western approach
  • Scout the forward tents
  • Scout the rear tents
  • Scout the meeting spot
  • Defeat enemies in Maudhúl Ghûg (0/10)

You should travel to Maudhúl Ghûg, scout it out thoroughly, and thin the Orcs moving about there.

Objective 4

  • Raise the Flag

Raise the flag above the meeting place in Maudhúl Ghûg.

No sooner have you raised the flag than the Nurnhoth Kurtil appears by your side

Objective 5

You should talk to Kurtil in the meeting place at the back of Maudhúl Ghûg.

'Soone they will be here. Soon, yes! At last!'