Quest:A Clue to the Artifact

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A clue to the Artifact
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Iothete
Starts at Iothete's Hideaway
Start Region Wildermore
Map Ref [36.9S, 67.4W]
Ends with Iothete
Ends at Iothete's Hideaway
End Region Wildermore
Map Ref [36.9S, 67.4W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: Whitshaws
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You seek an artifact, you say? I feared and hoped this day would come...

'I believe I might have some information for you, stranger, but I need you to find something first. I -- I am afraid I cannot tell you without some proof in my hand, for otherwise you will not believe my story.

'It is in Dunfast, in my home. You will know when you find it.'


Iothete believes he knows something about the artifact you have been sent to investigate, but he will not tell you. He wants you to find a small relic first.

Objective 1

  • Find the relic in Iothete's abandoned home

The relic of which Iothete spoke can be found in his home in Dunfast.

You should collect the relic when you find it.

This home is as drafty as it was before, and you feel a strong chill
This ice-cold fragment is very similar to the formations you see on Núrzum, and on the land wherever he goes

Objective 2

  • Bring the cold stone to Iothete

Iothete is at his small hut hidden in the woods of the northern Whitshaws.

You should bring the stone fragment you collected to Iothete as he bid.

Iothete: 'Yes, that is it. An unmistakeable relic of some terrible power. I hate it! Its power is everywhere now.
'It is the reason I live here, instead of in my true home. I cannot seem to get away from it, and it has brought evil upon us.
'Now that you feel its power, I will tell you how I came by it. I am sure that it is the reason Wildermore is falling into a wintry ruin! It is my fault...'