Mor-hai Cave

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Mor-hai Cave
Region: The Great River
Area: Wailing Hills
Location: [24.0S, 68.3W]
Mor-hai Cave.jpg

Mor-hai Cave is a Public Dungeon in the Wailing Hills by the Great River.

The front entrance is behind the Mor-hai Settlement[24.0S, 68.3W]. It can be reached by fighting your way through the Mor-hai Settlement, by a tricky path over the rocks from the north and easily by skirting the hillside from the south-southwest.

The back exit is on a hillside to the northwest of the Mor-hai Settlement [23.2S, 68.6W]. You safely climb down, but probably cannot get into from below.








  • A - the front entrance
  • * - captive
  • B - Dushtar
  • C - the back exit

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