Legendary Item Imbuement system

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  • The Imbuement system was introduced with Update 16, May 4 of 2015.

A Dev Diary has been posted:
Note: It is hard to read in Safari, Firefox works better, but the LOTRO site has a bad certificate.
What Is Imbuement?
List of Legacy upgrades when imbued:
Dadi's guide from the beta.
Transcript of Frelorn's Update 16 Preview Stream:
Update 18.2 - Throne of the Dread Terror - July 5, 2016

The raw release notes from build one of the beta:
These notes are not final and should be viewed as a work in progress and subject to change.
With Update 16, the new Legendary Item Imbuement will be introduced. In its current form for this build, the system is nearly functionally complete, but there are some elements that are not yet finished when it comes to polish and the User Interface. Here is a brief overview of how the system will work.
PLEASE NOTE: The New Legendary Item Imbuement system is not yet 100% complete. We did however want players to get their hands on it and give feedback as soon as possible. Most of the work that still needs to be complete is User Interface and Cosmetic, and there still may some functionality that will be adjusted or changed based on feedback.
With Update 18.2, Imbued legacy tiers have been extended by 15 levels (10 for the main legacy (dps/healing)). Legacies will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default, and 10 that can be unlocked with scrolls of empowerment. The main legacy will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default, and 5 tiers that can be unlocked with Star-lit Crystals.

What Is Imbuement?

Imbuement is a new system we are introducing into Legendary Items that will provide players with a new form of advancement and allow them to grow an item with their character moving forward from update to update. This will make legendary items feel much more legendary.

How does it work?

  • Opting into Imbuement will convert your existing legacies (including DPS) into new, extendable legacies that will grow as you accrue IXP.
  • You will no longer have to spend points on individual legacies. They will each have their own progress track that fills as you gain IXP. When a legacy ranks up to a higher tier it will become more powerful.
  • When an item gains IXP, this experience is distributed evenly among the current legacies you have unlocked on the weapon (including the DPS legacy).
  • You cannot disable the leveling of a legacy.
  • Each legacy on a newly-imbued legendary item (as of Update 16) will have:
  • Roughly 25 available tiers that can be earned
  • 15 additional tiers that can be unlocked via items found in-game or bought with mithril coins
  • The resulting maximum tiers would therefore be 40
  • The DPS/main stat will have fewer tiers post-imbuement; Roughly 15 tiers with 5 additional unlockable tiers for a total of 20 tiers for DPS/class main legacy.

Are current legacies going to change?

  • While many legacies in-game can naturally extend with the imbuement system, some are just not extendable and will be replaced by new legacies.
  • This conversion will happen only when you imbue your legendary item and will not affect legacy functionality pre-imbuement.
  • Upon imbuement, the UI will display what legacies will look like in Imbuement.
  • Legacies that cannot be extended fall under the following categories:
  • Cannot affect the maximum number of targets of a skill.
  • Cannot affect the availability of the skill I.e. Cooldown reduction.
  • Can only modify a property that has no potential cap.
  • For example, things like power cost modifiers will eventually reach 100% reduction, while properties like % damage increases in theory could extend forever.
  • Important to note that currently no legacy will just vanish from a player. If a legacy changes, it will have an equivalent legacy upon entering imbuement
  • Once the work is finalized, we will be posting a list of what legacies are changing and what their new legacy will be.

What do I need to qualify?

  • All you need is a level 100 legendary item (mounted combat not included at the moment).
  • No age requirement to the item. Want to bring a third ager along for the ride? Go for it!
  • Age will affect an item upon imbuement, granting not only additional tiers of DPS unlocked compared to other ages, but will start with the number of bonus unlocked tiers already accrued.
  • Example: First age items have a bonus of 3 (number TBD). Therefore while a Third Age item would start at 1/10 DPS tiers, a First Age item would start at 4/13.

How does a Reforged LI fit in?

  • A legendary item can have a maximum of 7 legacies on it at one time.
  • A newly identified legendary item, when imbued will only have 3 class specific legacies on it. The four other slots will have to be unlocked by either mithril (The mithril unlocks on imbued legendary items are not yet functioning.) or by using a Crystal of Remembrance.
  • Therefore, a reforged item will keep the legacy slots it has already unlocked, giving that player a leg up on leveling their weapon.

<--- updated from Dev Diary --->

How do the old LI items fit into this new system?

Many of the items that players have familiarity with using on their LIs will continue to work within the new system, while some will have some additional functionality that they previously did not have:

Item:Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment Scroll of Empowerment-icon.png

  • Unlock and gain an additional tier of their DPS / Main stat legacy.
  • For players who want a quick option, this functionality can be purchased directly from the Legendary Items UI for Mithril Coins.

Item:Anfalas Star-lit Crystal Star-lit Crystal-icon.png

  • Starlit crystals will unlock and gain an additional tier of their DPS legacy.
Example: if the items DPS has progressed to 8/15 tiers, using a crystal will increase that progress to 9/16.
  • There will no longer be a restriction of 3 star-lit crystals that can be applied to an Imbued item. The only restriction in imbuement is that a star-lit crystal can only be applied if there is a tier to unlock for the item.
  • You cannot use these as a means to power level your weapon up to max.
  • Crystals that are applied pre-imbuement will work the exact same way as they do post-imbuement.

Item:Anfalas Scroll of Delving Scroll of Delving-icon.png

  • Unlocks an additional tier of ALL legacies on an item.
  • This can only be used once, either pre or post-imbuement.

Legendary Titles Index (Title Scrolls)

  • These items will not receive any change in their functionality and will continue to work as they currently do in the system.

IXP Runes

  • These items will not receive any change in their functionality and will continue to work as they currently do in the system.
  • Per-item IXP is distributed evenly across all Legacies, even those that have reached their current Tier cap.

Category: Legacy Replacement Scrolls

  • Replacement scrolls will no longer apply to an imbued item. As mentioned above, their functionality has been superseded by new options for replacing a legacy.
Legacy Replacement Scroll-icon.png Imbued Legacy Replacement Scroll

Item:Anfalas Crystal of Remembrance Riddermark Crystal of Remembrance-icon.png

  • Unlock an additional legacy slot (up to the cap of 7) on an item. The restriction of one per item is lifted for Imbued LIs.
  • Additionally, on using this item, you will be prompted with a UI to choose the legacy you would like to place in this newly unlocked slot.
  • No more blank legacies, no more random legacies. You unlocked it, you choose what goes in it.

Can I deconstruct an imbued item?

  • Imbued items cannot be deconstructed. Imbued Legendary Items are meant to stick around, grow with you, become your friend. You wouldn’t deconstruct a good friend, would you?
  • You can however, destroy the item out of your inventory if you prefer to erase your friends from existence.