Item:Star-lit Crystal

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Star-lit Crystal
  • Item Level: 1
  • Consumed On Use
  • Maximum Level 75
  • "The star light captured by this crystal bathes your Legendary Item increasing its power."
  • Worth: 5 Silver 

Item Information

  • This item has a small chance to drop from Lieutenants and last bosses in level 75 1-man Skirmishs and 12-man raids and skirmish raids and from any boss chest in Isengard instances (any tier)
  • This item is a possible random reward from opening Hobbit Gifts when the character is level 50+ (Note - with the recent change to Hobbit Presents, it is now possible for characters under level 50 to receive these.)
  • This item has a small chance to drop from the last boss in the Library at Tham Mirdain at level 68+ (possibly at lower levels but can't confirm).

Right-clicking the Crystal will allow you to "Upgrade" a Legendary Item up to Level 75. A maximum of three (3) Crystals may be added to a Legendary Item. These Crystals increase all legacies of the Legendary Item, except for the following:

  • -seconds cooldown
  • +seconds duration
  • + or - %-based damage/costs (beside the main-DPS-Rating)

On a weapon, each Crystal also increases the base-DPS-Rank (DMG). Example of increase to base-DPS-Rank on a Reshaped Hunter's Bow of the First Age Recipe (Level 75):

  • (base DPS 149.7)
  • 1 crystal increases DPS to: 150.5
  • 3 crystals increase DPS to: 152.0

This crystal will raise the DPS of an Imbued Item by one tier. [I don't know when it changed but I just confirmed.]

As per Update 30.3.2 Star-lit crystals can no longer be used on any legendary items, but can now be disenchanted into enhancement runes to improve traceries in the new legendary items.