Item:Flame of Ancalamír

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Flame of Ancalamír-icon.png
Flame of Ancalamír
  • Bind On Acquire
  • Item Level: 105
  • "Unlike the Silithair of old, the Adamants of Ancalamír were used for unravelling the enchantments from pieces of equipment. The residue could then be used for fashioning items of improved quality."
  • Worth: 17 Silver 40 Copper 

Item Information

This item may be purchased for 34 Silver 80 Copper  from a High-enchanter, Traveller's Quartermaster, Adventurer's Quartermaster or Seasonal Figments of Splendour cosmetics NPCs.

This item was given to every character with Update 30.3 to be able to disenchant a Retired Essence Reclamation Scroll; with Update 30.3.2, it can also be used to disenchant obsolete star-lit crystals.

See also the Quest: The Ash of Gorgoroth
  • This item is not consumed when used. It remains in your inventory and can be used repeatedly.
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