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Type: Lake
Region: The Trollshaws
Area: Rivendell Valley
Location: [28.7S, 5.0W]


Hidhuinen is a landmark within Rivendell Valley in The Trollshaws.

Towards the northern hillsides this lake is formed by ground water bubbling up from the ground, coming from the Misty Mountains, as it empties into the raging Bruinen river. It lies north-east of the Market and south of the road leading north to the Misty Mountains.

A inhabitant of the valley suggests you sit and enjoy the serenity for a while.


ElfF.png Townsperson


"Be still and listen. You may hear the water speaking of the way things used to be."
"There are many creatures of the wood that come to quench their thirst by the pool."


Another view of the central lake of Rivendell Valley An aerial shot of hidhuien

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