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Type: Ruins
Region: Wells of Langflood
Area: Misthallow
Location: [Wells of Langflood]

Framsburg is a landmark in the the Misthallow. These extensive ruins were once home to the Éothéod, before they became the Rohirrim as they are known today.

Fasthálla was once the fortress of the Ai-thúda under Frumgar's rule. It was destroyed by Scatha the Worm and, when the Worm was dead, it was rebuilt by Frumgar's son Fram and renamed Framsburg. So it remained until Eorl the Young led the Éothéod south to the aid of Cirion, then Steward of Gondor, at the battle of the Field of Celebrant. Following the battle, Framsburg was abandoned as the Éothéod, soon to be known as the Eorlingas, moved south to Calenardhon (now known as Rohan), lands granted to Eorl and his people by Cirion. Framsburg fell into ruin and has since been reoccupied by wild creatures and Scatha's lesser kin.




The Wells of Langflood Reflecting Pool is among the ruins here. [29.5N, 60.5W]

Framsburg Quests

Framsburg NPCs

These are not here all the time, but are dependent on where you are in the History of the Rohirrim and Legacy of Durin questlines

Framsburg Creatures

The following creatures are found within the area: