Force Attack

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Force Attack
  • The monster is infuriated.
  • Duration: ...s

Effect Information

This effect causes the target to ignore all other enemies and focus aggro on the character executing the skill for a short time.

Skill Relationship

Following are some of the skills that activate this effect on a target:

Class Skill(s)
Single Target Area of Effect
Beorning  Thunderous Roar
Brawler  Brash Invitation  Come At Me
Burglar  Knives Out
Captain  Threatening Shout /  Improved Threatening Shout
 Grave Wound (with Demand Attention traited)
 Elendil's Roar
Champion  Champion's Challenge  True Heroics (The Martial Champion)
Guardian  Fray the Edge
Lore-master  Roaring Challenge
Warden  Warning Shot  Defiant Challenge
 Desperate Shield