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Image of Elfhelm
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Gap of Rohan
Area Heathfells
Map Ref [88.0S, 3.1W]


Elfhelm is a former Thane of Eastern Rohan who appears in the quest instance The Prince of Rohan.

He arrived at the Ford of Isen at the Gap of Rohan together with a company of riders. Saving Grimbold of Grimslade's life by striking down the great Orc Morflak. unfortunately, he arrived too late and did not stop Morflak from gravely wounding prince Théodred. The blow on the prince ended his life a short while later.

His son Elfmar, is found in a settlement named Faldham, where he has taken Elfhelm's place as Thane. Elflád, the daughter of Elfhelm is also found in the Eastern Rohan. She's wedded with the Reeve of the Sutcrofts, Fastred. Elfmar's son Elfdag was sent to Dunharrow with the refugees.

Elfhelm later joins the host of Théoden's Riders and can be found in the War-stead of the Eorlingas in Taur Drúadan.

Quest Involvement



Elfhelm left his position as Thane when he was summoned to serve as Marshal of the garrison of Edoras, in succession to the late Marshal Éomund. Of late, Elfhelm embarked from Rohan to assist Prince Théodred and Grimbold of Grimslade, at the Fords of Isen. - Guard of Faldham