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Image of Duinhir
Title Lord of Blackroot Vale
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Old Anórien
Area Minas Tirith
Settlement Minas Tirith
Location Soldiers' Tier
Map Ref [66.1S, 17.3W]


Duinhir is the Lord of the Blackroot Vale. He and his sons Duilin and Derufin came to Minas Tirith when the beacons were lit, providing aid to the Steward, while his wife Rosfin stayed behind at Morlad.

Quest Involvement


"I am the Lord of the Blackroot Vale, and within those boundaries my command is the law. Outside of them, I am given authority over others by the grant of the Council and the Steward. But in affairs of my own house, and over the actions of my sons, I have complete authority no matter where I am!"