Quest:Instance: The Darkest Hour

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Instance: The Darkest Hour
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Mithrandir
Starts at The Great Gate
Start Region Minas Tirith
Map Ref [65.6S, 16.7W]
Quest Chain Vol. IV. Book 4
Reflecting Pool Old Anórien Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

The Darkest Hour
"Few in Middle-earth can defy the Witch-king of Angmar, but in this darkest hour, I will stand against him."


Gondor's darkest hour has come. The forces of Mordor have broken the gate of Minas Tirith, and the Witch-king of Angmar has brought his master's evil to bear upon the defenders of the White City.

Objective 1

You have hurried down to the ruin of the gates with Mithrandir. Only he can stand against the Witch-king.

Mithrandir: 'Stay back, <name>. You have become mighty indeed during your adventures, but the evil that now stands in the ruin of the gate is beyond your measure. Only I can stand against the Witch-king now.'

Objective 2

Mithrandir stands alone before the Witch-king, blocking his passage into the city.

Mithrandir says, "You will not enter here."
Mithrandir says, "Go back to the abyss! It awaits you and your master."
Witch-king of Angmar says, "Old fool! This is my hour!"
Mithrandir says, "Can you not hear?"
Mithrandir says, "The dawn is coming, and with it comes Hope!"
Witch-king of Angmar says, "Nothing comes for you but Death."
Witch-king of Angmar says, "Die... now..."
Mithrandir says, "You must... protect... Peregrin..."
Soldier of Gondor says, "Mithrandir!"
Soldier of Gondor says, "No!"

Objective 3

You must find Peregrin Took and protect him from the forces of the Enemy!

Soldier of Gondor says, "<name>! This way!"
Soldier of Gondor says, "Mithrandir... I cannot believe it!"
Soldier of Gondor says, "We must save the halfling, as he asked!"
Duinhir says, "Fight on, my boys! Do not give up!"
Duilin says, "How can this be the end for me?"
Derufin says, "Father! Duilin!"
Forlong says, "Keep fighting, Golasgil! We have them where we want them!"
Forlong says, "Golasgil?"
Prince Imrahil says, "<name>!"

Objective 4

Imrahil has slain many Orcs, and has called you for news of the gate.

Imrahil: 'What news, <name>? I heard shouts of terror and dismay, but could not find what caused them!'
Before you can say a word, his eyes widen in surprise.
Imrahil says, "<name>, look out!"

Objective 5

  • Wait for a chance to turn the tables on your captors

You have been captured by the Enemy!

Objective 6

Gothmog stands before you at the top of the city, secure in victory.

Gothmog: 'And so it ends, <name>. The Wizard is slain, and will trouble my Master no longer. The city is taken!
'What few defenders remain in the city will be rooted out and brought to this high place, and it is here they will die. You live only because I commanded it, but once the last cries of the dying have faded into the wind, you too will follow them.'

Objective 7

  • Remain alert

Gothmog stands before you at the top of the city, secure in victory.

Gothmog says, "Where is the Steward? Find me the pretender!"
Denethor says, "I am here, vermin! I fight for my people!"

Objective 8

Denethor has emerged from the tower, ready to die for his city and his people.

Objective 9

  • Talk to Denethor before he succumbs to his wounds

Denethor has been wounded.

Denethor: '<name>... what could... we have done...?'

Objective 10

  • Remain alert for any chance to help Pippin or Denethor!

Peregrin Took is in grave danger!

A shrill voice pierces the thin air above the city
Peregrin Took says, "My lord!"
Denethor says, "Flee, young Peregrin!"
Gohtmog says, "After him!"
"Do you understand?"
"With the things I have seen... this must be what will happen."
Denethor says, "This sad fate awaits us. It cannot be avoided."

Objective 11

  • Talk to Denethor amid the terrible visions

Your mind is filled with terrible visions, but the voice of the Steward cuts through the frightening images.

Denethor: 'Do you at last understand the words I have spoken, <name>? Do you finally see that this doom cannot be avoided?'

Objective 12

  • Your mind is full of hazy, troubled images

Hazy images swirl before your eyes.

Objective 13

  • Shake off your reverie, and talk to Denethor

Denethor is standing before you, his face an earnest mask of despair and hopelessness.

Denethor: 'Do you understand, <name>? It is not needless cruelty that drove this tale of mine. No, it is kindness. For my words wove a picture of the fate that awaits us all. It cannot be avoided. Better to accept the road and set our affairs in order than to fight it fruitlessly. In fewer than three hours it will be the fourteenth of March. We are unlikely to live until the dawn on the fifteenth!'
You shake your head to clear it, but still your mind is foggy. Is it really only half past nine in the evening of the thirteenth of March? The account seemed so vivid, so real...
Your eyes turn toward the palantír. Denethor laughs, but there is no humour in it.
'I have wrestled with the seeing-stone for many days, <class>. I am not surprised that the experience left you feeling unwell, and particularly susceptible to the words I spoke. Can you not see how the tale I spun you must surely follow from the images you beheld in the stone? The end has come. The end has come! The armies have not yet surrounded Minas Tirith, but they will. The folk have not yet thrown in with the Withered Tree, but they will! Grond has not yet come to the gates, but it will! How long can they stand against that ram? If they last even a minute longer than I believe, that will be a triumph. But it will not matter. All that I have told you will come to pass.'
You try to tell the Steward that he is wrong, but you cannot find the words.
'You have seen what I saw in the stone. Hirgon and the Red Arrow did not make it to Rohan, and the foolish one Mithrandir sent to Mordor is a captive in Cirith Ungol! Yes, I know of that errand. And I know it has failed! Whatever that fool brought with him is now gone, and if it is the weapon I perceive, it will not matter if the gates of Minas Tirith last five minutes or five hours. The end will come! It has already come!'
'Go, <name>! Go and die! Every person in this city will follow you soon!'
Instance: The Darkest Hour