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Image of Derufin
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 100
Difficulty Signature
Morale 46,313
Power 5,885
Region Eastern Gondor
Area South Ithilien
Settlement Bâr Húrin
Location Bâr Húrin
Map Ref [73.4S, 12.7W]


Derufin is the son of Duinhir, the Lord of the Blackroot Vale. He and his brother Duilin came to Minas Tirith when the beacons were lit, and now spend their time hunting in the forests of South Ithilien.
Later, both brothers can be found in the Mûmak and Keep tavern, on the Soldiers' Tier of Minas Tirith, and take part in the defence of the White City.

Quest Involvement


"This sword of mine has proven the better of every creature upon which I set my mark, and today will not be different. If you choose to hunt with me, we will travel up the slope to the north for a better view, the better to surprise our prey."