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The Deep Descent is an old guard chamber that oversees the entrance to the mines below. The mastery of this chamber has allowed the dwarf-expedition to control the passage between The Silvertine Lodes and The Great Delving, preventing the goblins from massing together into an unstoppable horde. Nevertheless, they remain badly outnumbered and are pressed daily to hold the chambers against the vicious foes that inhabit the deeps.
New travelers to the Silvertine Lodes are most likely to enter the region from The Great Delving in the north, by way of the gateway called the Stone Council. Here, just across the border into the Silvertine Lodes—a short jaunt from the lively refuge of the Free People in The Dolven-view — the sole expedition post in the region stands at the edge of the mines, offering explorers one last chance for camaraderie before they plunge into the dark tunnels that beckon beyond. Where the refuge in the Great Delving is bright and airy, this somber camp huddles nervously amid crumbled passageways.
They call it The Deep Descent.
Huddling at the edge of The Silvertine Lodes, the expedition camp called The Deep Descent represents the only reliable foothold for explorers and adventurers in the region. Beyond this pool of light, expect no aid or mercy.
This is the staging ground for journeys to the south. It was from here that the most recent expedition group bound for the Waterworks set out, though no safe path yet connects that region in the south to this camp. Here, smart explorers and adventurers setting out to rediscover or tame the Silvertine Lodes can coordinate their actions with the planners from the Moria expedition. [1]


The Deep Descent is located in The Silvertine Lodes. [9.8S, 112.6W]

Quest Involvement





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Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Durin's Threshold Moria 30 Silver  Min Level: 45
The Rotting Cellar Moria 30 Silver  Min Level: 45
The Dolven-view Moria 30 Silver  Min Level: 45



The following deeds can be completed by visiting this location:

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