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Quests in this category are found in areas such as Moria, Mirkwood and Dunland. They reward titles for your Legendary Weapon or Legendary Class Item. They may also reward Relics or Compendiums of Middle Earth for crafting your Legendary Items. They have been organized by location and level. Scroll down further for the Alphabetical view. (This page is a work in progress but feel free to contribute.)

Note: you can always buy Titles, Runes, Relics, and Compendiums I-V, from the Skirmish camp for Marks/Medallions. This page is for the Do it Yourselfer or avid quester. Doing these quests also rewards significant XP.

Quests by Location and Level

There are three tiers of rewards. The Quests in bold signify Quests that reward the highest tier titles and are often the highest level quests in the level range.

Location Levels Quests
Dolven-view in Moria 55-60 Quest:The Training Hall

Quest:The Morroval-outcasts
Quest:The Library of Steel
Quest:The Mithril Slaves
Quest:The Ghost-forge
Quest:The Spider-nest
Quest:Trace Metals (Compendium I)

Ost Galadh in Mirkwood 60-65 Quest:Silken Strands (Mirkwood) (Compendium II)

Daegoth (Reputation Barter NPC)

Stangard in Great River 70-76 Ordlaf (Reputation Barter NPC)
Galtrev in Dunland 75 Quest:The Defence of Galtrev

Quest:The Forges of Isengard (Compendium III)
Quest:Glinting in Forgotten Pools
Quest:Chapter 12: Mists of Anduina

Hytboldb and Snowbourn in East Rohan 85 Quest:Iserngraf: Severance (Ore, Compendium IV)

Quest:Imping: The Miller's Foe (Wood)
Quest:Parphád: Order of Magnitude (Scholar)
Eastemnet Miscellany Quartermaster
Item:Silver Box of Sutcrofts Spoils

Helm's Deep in West Rohanc 90-95 Quest:Chapter 1: The Lay of the Land

Quartermaster (Eorlingas)
Quartermaster (Helmingas)

a This Epic questline rewards many useful items for your LI, including Titles and a Item:Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor.
b You must first "rebuild Hytbold" to do these quests - check the prerequisites. They are also Crafting Instances like the ones in Moria at Zelem-melek, The Orc-watch and Durin's Way, with a similar 1-hour time limit.
c West Rohan doesn't seem to have many quests, and no dailies that reward LI Titles or other benefits. However, the Epic questline that begins with Volume III; Book 13: Chapter 1 seems to provide many useful items to benefit your LI. Other items may be purchased from the Skirmish Vendor (Compendium V is only from the Skirmish vendor at this time), or the Quartermasters mentioned. The Quartermasters require reputation, and use tokens gained from quests to barter.

NOTE: See Item:Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor and Item:Worn Symbol of the Elder King if you are trying to craft a level 75 LI. They don't follow conventional rules about where to obtain them. The Worn Celebrimor Symbol can be found at the Skirmish camp, but the Elder King one is unavailable. If you want one, and you see people "looking for more" for the Raid "TOO", that's where it drops: Tower of Orthanc.

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