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Auto bestowed skills

Level Name Form
0 Skin-change-icon.png Skin-change Man
0 Slam-icon.png Slam Man
0 Slash-icon.png Slash Man
0 Thrash - Tier 1 (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Thrash - Tier 1 Bear
6 Hearten (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Hearten Man
11 Biting Edge (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Biting Edge Man
12 Vigilant Roar (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Vigilant Roar Bear
16 Ferocious Roar (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Ferocious Roar Man
18 Grisly Cry (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Grisly Cry Bear
20 Shake Free (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Shake Free Any
22 Cleanse (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Cleanse Any
28 Bee Swarm (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Bee Swarm Any
30 Relentless Maul (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Relentless Maul Bear
32 Sacrifice (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Sacrifice Bear
36 Rush (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Rush Any
36 Bear Up (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Bear Up Any
40 Vicious Claws (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Vicious Claws Bear
50 Nature's Vengeance (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Nature's Vengeance Any

Beorning Passive Skills

Trait Tree Skills

The Hide (blue)

The Claw (red)

The Roar (yellow)