Cartographile -- Eriador

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Deed Lore

A well-travelled adventurer has nearly all the maps of the lands where they travel. You must obtain all the maps that outline the areas of Eriador.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

The Old Forest is a place best avoided as the dangers there can be around every corner. You have obtained a copy of a map of the Old Forest.
A small village in Bree, Archet recently was burned by the Blackwold brigands. You have acquired a map of the town and surrounding areas.
Bree-town is the main city of Bree-land. Such famous places as Inn of the Prancing Pony and the Boar Fountain are found within the city. You have found a wonderful map of Bree-town.
Once the home of the Kings of Men, Annúminas is now a flooded city on the southern bank of Lake Evendim in the region of Evendim. This is the map of the city.
The Ettenmoors is a forgotton area of the world where evil has crept into nearly every part of the land. This is a map of the area.
The Men of Bree try to steer clear of the old burial mounds of the Men of Cardolan, for it is rumoured that terrifying creatures come out of the ground to stalk those among the mounds. This is a map of the northern part of the Barrow-downs.
Rivendell is the hidden valley where the Elves dwell on the border of the Misty Mountains and the Trollshaws. This is a map of that valley.
Eregion was home to the Elves in ages past: now, ruins cover a harsh landscape. This is a map of that land.
A section of land leading south between Eregion and Dunland, Enedwaith is a harsh land of stone and wild. This is a map of the region.
This small community of dwarfs rests in the shadow of Thorin's Hall. This is a map of that area.
A cold and forbidding land claimed by the Lossoth. Forochel lies far to the north. This is a map of those frozen lands.
A town of rich and poor nedding assistance in the wintry months. This is a map of the town.
The southern section of the Barrow-downs houses more ruins and mounds of ancient men. This is a map of the area.
A fertile land where many Men make their homes. This is a map of the area.
A place which most hobbits call home. The Shire is a collection of many smaller territories that make up the large land belonging to the hobbit-folk. This is a map of the area.
Ered Luin is home to both Elves and Dwarves, and each is none too fond of mixing with the other. This is a map of the area.
The Lone-lands is a lonely stretch heading east through the ruins of Men. This is a map of the area.
War has come to the Men of the North Downs, and they are in need of aid. This is a map of the area.
The land here is forbidding and grim with trolls wandering through the wild lands day and night. This is a map of the area.
Cold wind and the bite of Goblin-wrought bladed await travellers in the Misty Mountains. This is a map of the area.
The harsh land where the Witch King once ruled. Now, the land is ruined and evil spreads freely and nearly unchecked. This is a map of the area.


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 10 LOTRO Points
  Painting 1-icon.png Map of Eriador
  Reputation-title-icon.png <name>, Eriador Cartographile

Additional Information

The map of the Ettenmoors and the map of the Northern Barrow-downs can be bartered from Race Trader NPCs for 10 Summer Festival Tokens each, only during the Summer Festival.
The maps of Rivendell, Eregion and Enedwaith can be bartered from Fall Festival Traders for 12 Fall Festival Tokens each, only during the Harvest Festival
The maps of Thorin's Gate, Forochel, Frostbluff, and the Southern Barrow-downs can be bartered from Winter Rewards Vendors for 15 Yule Festival Tokens each, only during the Yule Festival.
The last 8 maps can be bartered for 3 Anniversary Tokens each, which can be acquired during the Anniversary Event.
The maps are not bound, so they can be traded freely. Each map only has to be in the character's inventory once to count for the deed. A good strategy is to buy them using alt characters and then send them to each character that wants to complete the deed.

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