Captain-General Lainedhel

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Freep-icon.png Captain-General Lainedhel
Captain-General Lainedhel.jpg
Faction Freep
Location Ost Ringdyr
Map ref [15.9S, 11.9W]
Race Elf
Gender Male
Difficulty Hero
Level 141
Morale 1,038,135
Power 44,202


Captain-General Lainedhel is found within Ost Ringdyr in the Ettenmoors. He is the leader of the forces stationed in the Ettenmoors and directs the combat from Ost Ringdyr. He stands in the top-most room of the keep with First Marshal Grís and First Marshal Grimbeld at his side. Defeating him grants the creeps access to the relics stored in the relic room behind Lainedhel's position.



Deed Involvement

Captain-General Lainedhel is one of the six leaders targeted by the creep deed Kill the Enemy's Leaders!.


Barrel of Oil-icon.pngElf Ear-icon.pngShattered Blade-icon.pngFood Sack-icon.pngCaptain-General's Symbol-icon.png