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This article contains official news describing the changes introduced in Book 13. These changes were implemented with a patch on April 24th, 2008. Book 13 was updated with an additional patch on May 13, 2008. For information about Book 13 Epic Quests, see Book 13 Quests.

Book 13: Doom of the Last-king


Book 13: Doom of the Last-king is the latest free content update for The Lord of the Rings Online™! It’s packed with new features including Forochel, a new region to explore for higher-level players. Monster players can take on another role in the struggle between the Shadow and the Free People as a new healing class, the orc Defiler. Adventurers ready for a little downtime should check out the first Hobby, fishing! Return to Annúminas or check out the newly revamped Social panel options to find groups more easily than ever before. Join us as we unveil the next book in this epic adventure: Book 13: Doom of the Last-king!

Introducing: Forochel!

Within the frozen northlands of Eriador lies the remaining piece of a puzzle that both the Free Peoples and the servants of the Witch-king seek to claim as their own. Book 13 opens the icy region of Forochel to daring travellers. Earn the trust of the wary Lossoth and explore the new landscape to uncover secrets undiscovered for a thousand years!

Click here to learn more about how the landscape was created, or here to find out more about what adventures the new region has in store!

Meet the new Orc Defiler

Beginning in Book 13, LOTRO players can now play the newest monster class, the orc Defiler! Hailing from lands filled with toxins and disease, the orc Defiler uses his knowledge of these virulent fungi and slime to aid his allies and hamper his enemies. Click here to learn more about this new monster class!

Fishing is finally here!

A most-requested feature has finally arrived: Fishing! What better way to relax and enjoy the world of Middle-earth than by finding a nice spot along the bank of a river, casting your line into the water nearby, and basking in the glory of the day while trying to nab a prize-winning fish – or perhaps your next meal! Read more in this dev diary!

  • Fish anywhere in Middle-earth
  • Increase your fishing skill to find special fish
  • New fish-related cooking recipes!

New Improvements for Finding a Fellowship

Book 13 provides a new look and improved functionality to the LFF/Social panel. Now you can more easily find a fellowship, learn about shared quests, and muster your fellowship! Read this dev diary to learn more about the improvements!

Adding to Annúminas and More!