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Arvedui (Sindarin for Last-king), was known as the Gaunt King and Laiha-herra (Lossoth for the Skinny One) in life. Fatefully named, he was the last king of Arthedain.

Arvedui (Forochel)

Image of Arvedui
Title Last-king
Gender Male
Race Shade
Region Forochel
Area Talvi-mûri
Settlement Hylje-leiri
Map Ref [18.8N, 81.3W]

Arvedui, or rather the shade of him, is first found at Hylje-leiri, in Forochel.

There he is guarding (or haunting?) the wrecked ship that brought him and his followers from Fornost when they escaped the wrath of the Witch-king. But instead that wrath brought forth a terrible storm and most of them perished.

Quest Involvement
Epic Volume I, Book 13

Agoroth, the Narrowdelve quests


"I now know some small redemption will come with time."
"I bear a great grief upon me."

Arvedui (Minas Tirith)

Image of Arvedui
Title Last King of Arthedain
Gender Male
Race Shade
Region Old Anórien
Area Minas Tirith
Settlement Hall of the King
Map Ref [65.4S, 18.9W]

Arvedui later appears at the Hall of the King, in Minas Tirith.

Quest Involvement


Biography: Arvedui
Birth - Death Third Age 1864 - 1974
Race: Man
Gender: Male
Ancestor(s): Isildur
Parent(s): Araphant
Spouse: Fíriel
Child(ren): Aranarth
Aragorn II
Info: Last King of Arthedain

Arvedui, son of Araphant, was the last king of the Dúnadan-kingdom of Arthedain, the last remnant of Arnor. In 1940 of the Third Age, Arvedui married Fíriel, daughter of King Ondoher of Gondor in the south. When Ondoher fell in battle against the Wainriders along with both of Fíriel's brothers, Artamir and Faramir, Arvedui pressed his claim to the throne of Gondor- both through descent from Isildur, who had ruled Gondor jointly with his brother Anárion and through his marriage to Fíriel, who should by the laws of Númenor become the ruling queen. They were denied in favor of Eärnil II, a proven general and of distant but clear relation to the royal line.

By 1974, Arthedain was crumbling under the assault of Angmar, led by the Witch-king. With the fall of the capital at Fornost, thanks in no small part to Angmar's Champion, Arvedui and many of his people were driven first to Ered Luin and eventually north to Forochel. Aranarth, Arvedui's son, secured aid for his father from Círdan of Lindon. Despite the many warnings of the Lossoth who had given them aid, Arvedui boarded the Thoroval and sailed away, only to be wrecked by a storm sent by the Witch-king. Arvedui and all the sailors of the Thoroval drowned in the Ice Bay of Forochel, and with them the palantíri of Annúminas and Amon Sûl. The Ring of Barahir, at least, was safe, left with Hasikkä of the Lossoth as thanks. Following Arvedui's death, Aranarth and the rest of the northern Dúnedain went into hiding and Aranarth began the line of Chieftains.

In his last moments, Arvedui cursed himself for his pride and swore he would not be the last king. And so, with no king of the Dúnedain in the north or the south, he remains.