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Angwedh (Sindarin for Iron Chain) is a Dúnadan of the North who joins the Grey Company and travels to Gondor during the War of the Ring.

Angwedh (Enedwaith)

Image of Angwedh
Title Medium Armour
Role Skirmish Medium Armour
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Enedwaith
Area Thrór's Coomb
Settlement Harndirion
Map Ref [69.6S, 13.8W]

While travelling through Enedwaith, Angwedh serves as a Skirmish Medium Armour trader located at Harndirion. [69.6S, 13.8W]


There are multiple categories of items that are bartered by this NPC:

Skirmish-Medium Armour (Level 20-40) consisting of:

Recruit of Eruilan (Level 20)
Recruit of Adlan (Level 23)
Recruit of Naillan (Level 27)
Footman of Eruilan (Level 30)
Footman of Adlan (Level 33)
Footman of Naillan (Level 37)
Esquire of Eruilan (Level 40)

Skirmish-Medium Armour (Level 41-65) consisting of:

Esquire of Adlan (Level 43)
Esquire of Naillan (Level 47)
Guardsman of Eruilan (Level 50)
Guardsman of Adlan (Level 53)
Guardsman of Naillan (Level 57)
Sergeant-at-Arms of Eruilan (Level 60)
Sergeant-at-Arms of Adlan (Level 63)
Sergeant-at-Arms of Naillan (Level 65)
Stalker (Level 65+)
Odothuilan Campaign Armor

Skirmish-Medium Armour (Level 66-85) consisting of:

Master Guardsman of Eruilan (Level 70)
Master Guardsman of Adlan (Level 75)
Rohirric Recruit's Armour (Level 80)
Rohirric Footman's Armour (Level 85)
Erebor Beorning's Armour
Erebor Burglar's Armour
Erebor Hunter's Armour
Erebor Warden's Armour
Greater Erebor Beorning's Armour
Greater Erebor Burglar's Armour
Greater Erebor Hunter's Armour
Greater Erebor Warden's Armour

Skirmish-Medium Armour (Level 86-105) consisting of:

Rohirric Esquire's Armour (Level 90)
Rohirric Guardsman's Armour (Level 95)
Nadhin Medium Armour (Level 95)
Gondorian Guardsman's Armour (Level 100)
Nadhin Medium Armour (Level 100)
Pelennor Guardsman's Armour (Level 105)

Angwedh (Central Gondor)

Image of Angwedh
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Central Gondor
Area Lebennin
Settlement Pelargir
Map Ref [84.3S, 34.1W]

After a long journey through Dunland, the Gap of Rohan, West Rohan, the Paths of the Dead, Western Gondor and Central Gondor, Angwedh can be found at the piers of the port-city of Pelargir, getting ready to board the corsair ships bound for Minas Tirith. [84.3S, 34.1W]

Quest Involvement


"What a pity the Corsairs did not stand and fight. Cowards!"

Angwedh (The Wastes)

Image of Angwedh
Gender Male
Race Man
Region The Wastes
Area Battle of the Morannon
Map Ref [35.1S, 3.3W]

Angwedh later participates in the Battle of the Morannon, in the Wastes.

Quest Involvement