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Image of Woodcutter
Race Man
Region Bree-land


Woodcutters are found chopping, cutting and roaming throughout several locations of the Middle-earth, sporadically muttering some nonsense.


Woodcutters are found at the following locations:

  • Combe
    ...and another thing... that Thorne fellow doesn't know the least bit about cutting trees.
    Oh, you needn't tell me! Did you hear that Will was attacked by a wolf the other day?
    You don't say!
    I do say! Right out in the open too, just as natural as you please, charged right up and took a nip out of his leg!
    What's Thorne doing to set that a-right? Them wolves and spiders are all about the edges of the logging camp.
    Oh, those spiders scare me near to death with them big hairy legs.
    Their legs are near as hairy as old Will's except without the wolf-bite!
  • Combe Lumber Camp
  • Combe North Gate
  • Woodsmen's Gate in Bree