Traveller's Quartermaster

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Traveller's Quartermaster
Image of Traveller's Quartermaster
Title A quartermaster who deals in Motes of Enchantment. Traveller's gear
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Moria
Area Zelem-melek
Settlement Twenty-first Hall
Map Ref [5.8S, 105.1W]


There are Traveller's Quartermasters in the following locations:


Item Cost
 Flame of Ancalamír 34 Silver 80 Copper 
 Normal Weapon Aura 50 Copper 


  • 'Coffers of Wayfarer's ...' have a Minimum Level 20 & Maximum Level 50
  • 'Coffers of Traveller's ...' have a Minimum Level 51 & Maximum Level 140

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