Spalvi Dourhand

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Spalvi Dourhand
Image of Spalvi Dourhand
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Misty Mountains
Map Ref [26.5S, 0.1E]


Spalvi Dourhand, also known as Spalvi Stout-heart is a dwarf of the Dourhand clan who was stationed in the Misty Mountains.

He is first met in Bruinen Source West where Bingo Boffin found him severely beaten by the Corcur clan. Soon he wanders south and is seen in High Crag, just north of Gabilazan. Spalvi will join Bingo and the small party travels via Eregion and Moria at the border to Lothlórien, in Nanduhirion.

At some occasions Spalvi wields his weapons and engage in combat to support the character, or in need of support. He is then at Signature strength with morale/power matching the location where that story unfolds.

Quest Involvement