Quest:Smaug's Remains

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Smaug's Remains
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Thorlind
Starts at Esgaroth-of-old
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [14.7N, 29.2W]
Ends with Skerri
Ends at Lake-town
End Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [17.1N, 27.3W]
Quest Group The Dale-lands
Quest Chain Trail of Rust
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Those were Men of Mordor, then? But look: a raft approaches from across the water. Can you see the occupant? He is dressed as those men were, and by his bearing, I guess he is their leader.

'I wonder what he might tell us of this dark plot we have found here, if we brave standing before him.'


Thorlind has spotted a raft bearing a man who might be the leader of this strange plot, approaching Esgaroth.

Objective 1

You should confront the leader of the excavation, who is located on a raft at the edge of Esgaroth-of-old.

Burudâur says, "Even in mine own defeat, Lake-town shall succeed!"
Your mighty blow defeated Burudâur.

Objective 2

  • Investigate the strange pile on the raft

You should investigate the strange pile on one of the rafts in Esgaroth-of-old.

RUST "A spot of rust on the ground. Strange, considering there is no metal nearby."
It is a pile of... rust?

Objective 3

  • Look at the Bones of Smaug

Smaug's bones are in the water, in Esgaroth-of-old.

You should find a good vantage place to inspect Smaug's bones.

This is a good place to look at the Bones of Smaug
Smaug's bones remain unmoved

Objective 4

You should talk to Thorlind, who can be found just outside of Esgaroth-of-old.

Thorlind: You tell Thorlind of Burudâur's words and all you saw. He ponders deeply.
'I see. It sounds as if there is some other scheme afoot, somewhere in Lake-town. There we have another piece of the puzzle, and yet I still cannot guess at the whole! Will you go to Lake-town and uncover what you may? I must report back to Felegoth without delay, and your swift action might prevent whatever harm is planned.'

Objective 5

You should travel to Lake-town, north of Esgaroth-of-old.

Now, is there any talk here of Smaug's bones?

Objective 6

  • Search for talk of Smaug's bones

Lake-town can be found in the Dale-lands.

You should look for anyone in Lake-town who is concerned with Smaug's bones.

Among the shouts of an unruly mob, you catch the word 'Smaug'

Objective 7

The unruly crowd can be found in Lake-town.

You should find out why someone in the unruly crowd spoke the name of Smaug.

Skerri: 'Yes, you heard me a-right. Leave Smaug's bones where they lie! Don't tell me you're in favour of this madcap plan?'