Quest:A Healer's Aid

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A Healer's Aid
Level 97
Type Solo
Starts with Healer (Dínadab)
Starts at Apothecary
Start Region Lamedon
Map Ref [63.5S, 59.1W]
Ends with Fuirion
Ends at Gladion's Home
End Region Lamedon
Map Ref [63.2S, 59.8W]
Quest Chain Dínadab
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I will hasten to Gladion's home at once, dear. Follow me, please! I might need your aid when I arrive, depending on his condition.'


You have urged the healer of Dínadab to rush to Fuirion's aid, as he lies grievously wounded at Gladion's home.

Objective 1

The healer has made for Gladion's home in Dínadab in order to assist the wounded Fuirion.

You should run after the healer to see if you can be of any help.

Gladion: 'This is a peaceful town. How could he have gotten so injured?'
Limril: Limril, white as a ghost, does not speak. Her eyes are fixed on her brother-in-law, alarmed and concerned.
Healer: 'A nasty wound, this. He won't seem to say a word. You should ask his family if he's said anything to them, and I will have a look at Fuirion's wound.'

Objective 2

  • Ask the family if Fuirion told them anything (0/4)

Fuirion's family -- brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew -- are in Gladion's home in Dínadab, anxiously looking on.

You should speak with the family members.

Limril: 'He has not spoken a word, save what he said to you. It is unlike him. What could have happened? Why will he not speak?'
Limril is white and shaken as she expresses her worry for her husband's brother
Gladion: 'My brother! How could he have sustained such a wound, <name>? We are but peaceful farmers here....'
Gladion is shocked by his brother's injury; he has no information for you
Míreth: 'My uncle is hurt badly, isn't he? I don't like it.
'He has been very sad lately. I don't think anyone notices, but I do, because he never wants to play or read with me anymore. He does not eat as much as a farmer should. But nobody notices but me.
'Do you think he will be all right?'
Míreth has noticed that her uncle has been more sad and distant than usual of late
Túmir: 'My uncle Fuirion has been strange lately. I do not understand. Why is he bleeding?
'Is this because of his adventure? I saw him leaving town this morning, and he said he was going on an adventure, but would be back for dinner. He wasn't supposed to get hurt!
'He told me not to tell anyone about that....'
Túmir saw Fuirion disappear earlier that day on a secretive adventure of sorts

Objective 3

  • Speak with the healer again

The healer is in Gladion's home in Dínadab in order to assist the wounded Fuirion.

You should speak with the healer again.

Healer: 'Well, that doesn't give us any answers. But I have gained a little knowledge: this is a knife wound. A clean cut, easy to stitch up. It will take a little time.
'While I take care of Fuirion, would you be so good as to mind my chores at the shop? I was about to pull down the linens for bandages. Also we are always needing more Kingsfoil. It grows wild in these parts...a lovely plant, with great healing qualities.'

Objective 4

  • Collect bandage linens (0/1)
  • Pick fresh Kingsfoil (0/8)

Bandage linens can be found hanging outside the shop. Kingsfoil grows wild in the fields around Dínadab.

You should collect kingsfoil and bandage linens while the healer works on Fuirion.

Objective 5

  • Bring the supplies to the shop

The apothecary shop is in southern Dínadab in northern Lamedon.

You should bring the supplies to the shop.

Healer: 'You may leave those with me, dear. Fuirion is resting now, and should remain so for a fortnight at least. I stitched him up while you were out collecting goods for me.
'He did not speak a word the entire time I was there. I suppose he is just in shock from the attack. It will pass.
'Thank you for the supplies! I am tired after the excitement of this day. You saved me a good deal of work.'
You feel as if you are missing something to Fuirion's tale....

Objective 6

  • Question Fuirion about his attack

Fuirion is in Gladion's home in Dínadab.

You should question Fuirion about his wounds.

Limril: Limril stares intently at Fuirion, brows knit in concern.
Fuirion: Fuirion, pale from blood loss, his face drawn with pain, does not speak when you approach him.