Update 8.1 Official - November 14, 2012

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Release Notes Update 8.1 - Official

Of Special Note

Open Tapping Changes

After much debate, we have decided to go ahead and redesign the Open Tapping system being used on the Rohan landscape. Originally, the system was designed to test out (that would be why it was initially only seen in Rohan) an entirely new type of landscape gameplay that would reward solo players as much as group players for any activities they did to actually contribute to the death of a monster with the goal being a sense of a larger scale war where people were rewarded for actively working together rather than forming small groups and trying to spread out and kill everything as fast as possible similar to small locust swarms. This included making it so healers were finally rewarded on their own for helping people that were contributing in more offensive ways.

The hope was to change landscape content to feel more like an open battlefield where everyone is supposed to be working together (which seemed like a much more fitting approach for a large war enveloping the plains of Rohan) rather than simply working together in tiny "cliques" like our old tapping system encouraged. That being said, there were issues with certain skills such as AOE taunts not giving contribution credit even though it felt like they should as well as the fact that attacking part of a warband was not flagging you as a contributor for the entire warband.

Initially, we were expecting that resolving those issues would be sufficient in getting the system where we wanted it. However, at the end of the day, we felt like our intention for the system was being lost in the miasma of it behaving noticeably different from the way people were used to playing, making it a discomforting switch for people to adjust to.

As such, we have decided to change it back so that while in a fellowship/group, your nearby group members will get full credit whether or not they have contributed in any useful manner. It is our hope that even with this change that is being made to help people avoid having to change their play style from the old world, people continue to work together beyond their small personal groups rather than simply grouping up and spreading out in a locust pattern to try and game the system. Going forward, we will continue to tweak the system as we see the need which may involve tweaking the rewards structure to take this redesign into account.

Please note that no other changes were made to the open tapping system. While playing solo it continues to function as before.

Release Notes


  • Characters in /music mode will no longer be susceptible to forced emotes. Plus they will no longer take the time to look around or scratch their arms instead of concentrating on their music.
  • The skill Specimen Jar: Gross Bugs will once again creep out all of the free peoples.



  • Burglars can now replace any trick with any other trick in their arsenal.


  • Continuous Blood Rage's Morale cost should now scale appropriately.


  • Guardian's Pledge in Overpower Stance will now properly increment the deed, "Stoic."


  • Fixed a bug that caused Sticky Gourd, Sticky Tar, Warding Lore, and Press Onward skills to be interrupted when setback. These skills will now suffer setback penalties, but the induction will not break.


  • Fixed the looping instrument sounds caused by a Minstrel using a Tale or Stance skill while mounted.


  • A runekeeper with one of the traits Master of Tragedy, Maste of Connotation or Master of Allusion who succesfully used the appropriate skill 5 times to make all Writs instant cast will once again see the Writs highlighted on their skill bar.

Monster Play

  • Removed the 80 meters distance check on PvMP kill credit. Now grouped players anywhere in the Ettenmoors will receive credit for PvMP kills, in the form of Commendations and/or Infamy/Glory.


  • Fixed a bug that was granting the Reaver's Relentless buff to existing Defilers.

Mounted Combat

  • The Goblin Riders in Rohan can now emote correctly when out of combat and idle.
  • Fixed a broken 1-handed attack animation for human NPC riders.
  • Using Quick Stop or double-tap to stop your war-steed while walking or trotting will no longer cause the character to animated into the mount.
  • Fixed an issue that could have caused some Urukhai riders to not play a melee animation.
  • Riding monsters will no longer drop into their mount when falling.
  • Fixing mount enemies pathing outside of the boundaries of an instance.
  • Some minor changes have been made to the mounted combat tutorial space to resolve issues that could cause flags to be missed.
  • Slightly modified the base Turn Rate on the War-steed when in the two highest speeds (Cantor & Gallop).
  • War Steed update! You may now use Rohan CRAFTING NODES and QUEST ITEMS from horseback!
  • Medium War-steed trait "Arise" now grants power to the steed rather than the player.
  • Toggle skills which are suppressed when mounted are now suppressed immediately instead of after a few seconds. Those same skills are also now reactivated immediately instead of after a few seconds.
  • Burglar skill Strategic Strike no longer adds a Fervour effect to the character.


  • Trick: Stratagem no longer deactivates when Spur On is toggled on.
  • Burglar in Rohirrim stance with Trick: Stratagem - Strategic Strike will now apply the debuff reducing the target's chance to hit by 25%.


  • Champion war-steed skills Destabilizing Strike and Horn Blast will now consistently remove Fervour.


  • Removed the doubled heal in Mounted Combat for the Hunter in Rohirrim Stance from Noble Arrow.

Legendary Items

  • The Forge Master in Rivendell has now learned about those new-fangled Bridles and will be able to reforge them.
  • Champion's Rune of the Second Age - Incoming Healing Rating now increase properly when going up to Rank 5.


  • Warbands - Red and Blue Wold Boxes now give the correct number of marks and medallions.
  • Hytbold Armour can now be placed in shared storage and be accessed by any character on your account
  • The Destiny Perk "Accelerated Experience" and the item "Tome of Accelerated Experience" were giving 0 XP at certain levels. The perk has been adjusted to give a fixed percentage of Enhanced XP and will no longer experience diminishing returns.
  • Slightly decreased the drop rate of dye component drops from farming nodes.
  • Passive stats on 2-handed Legendary Item weapons have been separated a little more to better fit caster and melee classes.
  • Drop rates of task items from monsters have been adjusted.
  • The critical rate on The Patch Notes of 8.1 have significantly buffed. They should now one-shot your co-workers, even when in the Break Room Resurrection Circle. We realize this is a controversial buff, so we will be watching this one closely and adjusting as needed.

Instances, Raids, and Skirmishes

  • Inn of the Forsaken: Riddles in the Dark (Tier 2) now correctly advances when Umin is defeated
  • You are now able to start the Helegrod Dragon Raid with more than 12 players in the raid
  • Players can no longer join instances that have been scaled to more than 10 levels above their current level.

Monsters & NPCs

  • Hytbold: Starting NPCs phase in when you've hit 84


  • Cillan and her fellow refugees should now stay put in the camp during the Langhold quest arc.
  • A Kindly Rescue will now have the correct rewards listed to choose from, and no longer steal Fastred's thunder.


  • When you first open up the Mounted Combat panel, the player should have the correct weapon displaying
  • Fixed a button name and tool-tip on the war-steed appearance panel.
  • French & German maps for the Sutcrofts have been updated to include character arrow, warbands, stable masters, and vendor icons.
  • French & German maps for Rohan have been corrected and should no longer display the Eregion map but now show East Rohan.
  • Players can now map two new Selection keys, Select Next Item, and Select Previous Item. The new mappings are present on the Key Mapping portion of the Options Panel, under the Selection header.

Source: Update 8.1, Official