Remote Looting

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With the release of Riders of Rohan, a new game-technology called "Open Tapping" is available for all Mobs on the Plains of Rohan.
When a Mob has Open Tapping enabled, by definition it will also have Remote Looting enabled.

Remote Looting

With Mounted Combat and a huge regional landmass comes new looting technology, Remote Looting.

All Mobs (monster) in Rohan utilize Remote Looting.

This ensures that while charging across the plains of Rohan on your War-steed, you won't have to stop, turn around, and go back to find the corpse, hiding in the tall grass, of the goblin you just killed. This system means that you no longer need to "use" a Mob corpse to collect your loot.

Loot will be generated for each player who contributes to a kill.

Remote Looting shifts loot generation so it is no longer done in the context of the Mob, but is instead done in the context of each player.

What exactly does that mean though?

  • It means no more clicking on corpses. As soon as the Mob is defeated, anyone eligible will automatically have loot generated for them. For an open tapping Mob, that means anyone who was considered a contributor.
  • It means no more rolling on loot. Each piece of loot is created for a player, and each player rolls on the odds of that loot completely independent of all other players getting loot from that Mob. Previously, a Mob may have had a 10% chance to drop one medium hide that the group would have rolled on. Now, each person in the group rolls their own 10% chance to get their own medium hides, with no roll affecting any other.
  • You still have to roll on loot from treasure chests in certain instances such as the Grand Stair, so if you complete the daily Challenge there and have several chests to open, don't open them as fast as possible or people won't be able to respond before the timeout on loot rolls. The Remote Looting logic saves you from this, but also limits the types of items you receive. They are appropriate to your class instead of a jumble.
  • Every player gets their own loot pull from a remote looting Mob. So if you are in fellowship, you will no longer need to roll for loot… everyone will get their own.
  • You will still need to be within range of the Mob for remote looting to occur (if your fellowship defeats a Mob while you are far away, you will not get credit or remote loot for the Mob).

Pending Loot

Pending Loot Tool Tip

Pending Loot UI Panel

Loot from Remote Looting can be sent directly to your inventory or put into a Pending Loot bag for you to go through later .

  • If you have the UI Option, Always loot all, enabled; loot will automatically go into your inventory (or barter wallet as appropriate). This includes normal loot drops, money, reputation items, paper items, quest advancement items, quest bestowal items, and anything else you would normally get from a defeated Mob.
Options/UI Settings - Misc, near the very bottom - This option is disabled by default.
  • If you have the UI Option Always loot all disabled or if your inventory is full, loot will go into Pending Loot.

Items received from the Remote Looting of Mobs can go into a Pending Loot list.

There is a new UI panel to organize and handle this Pending Loot list.

These items are the spoils of your victory, but are not available to you for use until you have Looted (claimed) them from the Pending Loot list.

  • When you have items in the Pending Loot list a new alert will appear and will stay so long as there are any items in the list.
This icon: is the Pending Loot Icon. It will appear in your "Alerts" panel. Clicking on it will open the window, and display its contents.
  • You can open the Pending Loot UI by clicking on the alert.
Note: Barter wallet items, coin and quest-advancement items will always bypass Pending Loot and go straight to the wallet or quest log as appropriate.
  • This Pending Loot list is capped, limiting the number of different items/stacks of items it will hold. Currently this is set to 50. Once the item limit cap is reached, your oldest items will be removed from pending loot to make space for newer items. A stack of 50 items counts as one item in the list.
  • Each pending loot item will remain in Pending Loot for 1 hour, and the time will refresh if items are added to a stack. If you do not move items from pending loot to your inventory (loot it) before the time expires, you will lose the items permanently. This time reflects in-game time. Therefore if your character is logged-out, this timer will stop running until you login again.
  • When you Remote Loot a Mob, your chat will say that you have acquired the loot even if it is sitting in Pending Loot. When you move things from Pending Loot to your inventory, you will not receive more chat spew. This means that your chat may at times inform you that you have acquired an item that is not yet visible in your inventory.
  • At any time, you can go through Pending Loot and "loot" items -- bring them into your inventory or destroying them.


One trick to use when you only have three bags, is to take advantage of the pending loot to get the equivalent of 3 1/3 extra bags!

First, you have to force loot to go into the pending loot. So, unstack some of you stacked potions, for instance, so that all of your inventory slots are occupied.

Now, mob loot will go into pending loot, where up to 50 item stacks will remain for up to an hour.

If you harvest a resource node, and get a message about not being able to take the items, you will need to stack up some of those unstacked items to make room for the new resources.

If you collect a sort of quest item that goes in the inventory, it will go into an overflow area until you make room in the regular inventory.

When you complete a quest, you will need to open up enough slots to hold all the items you will get, even if some of them stack and leave you with empty slots. Just fill those by unstacking your potions again.

You do need to watch for quest start items going into your pending loot. For instance, the Iron Collar that starts the Collared quest is a unique item, so only the first one will go into your inventory, but pending loot does not check for this uniqueness, so you can end up with one for every wolf you kill, until you extract one from pending loot and start the Collared quest. Similarly, in the Lone-lands, you can collect multiple Polished Pendants dropped by goblins and Tarnished Necklaces dropped by half-orcs.