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Herbalism is part of the Host of the West Reputation Faction and provides access to some of the best level 100 equipment and essence in North Ithilien and the Wastes. Herbalists:

Phials of Extract

Phials of Extract collected from various Flora:

Herbalism Quests

Herbalism Quests


  1. [105] Idle Hands - vector to Ioreth in The High Hall
  2. [105] An Apprentice's Guide to Ithilien
  3. [105] The Dark Lord's Blight
  4. [105] Worts, Weeds, and Wastes
  5. [105] Land of Strife
  6. [105] A Test of Desolation
  7. [105] The Fate of the Wastes

Henneth Annûn

Camp of the Host

Requires completion of [105] Quest: Fire Beneath the Shadow

Henneth Annûn

These require completion of [105] Idle Hands

Camp of the Host

These require completion of [105] Idle Hands

The Wastes Resource Instances

There are two so-called "Resource Instances." These are different from previous "Crafting Instances."
These each have two versions -- one Solo and one Fellowship, for a total of four (4) "dailies."
In these instances you may encounter resource nodes and mob drops.
  • Skoironk provides Prospector Nodes
  • Towers of the teeth (Charchost) provides Scholar nodes
  • There are also random ground spawn of various Flora in both
  • Mobs may drop random Resources and Single-use Recipes in both
IMPORTANT NOTE: The final boss (in both) has a chest. To open that chest requires that you purchase  Set of Brittle Lock-picks from the Herbalist (Host of the West) BEFORE you enter the instance!!! Cost: 20 Phial of Violet Extract 20 Phial of Golden Extract
These instances require quests to enter. Those quests provide selectable resources.

Ithilien Essence Box

 North Ithilien Essence Box can be obtained by completing quests that reward the box outright or collect Ithilien Essence Fragments (you will need 4) which you then barter with the Herb-master for the box.

North Ithilien Essence Box is an outright reward for the following quest(s):

Quests that reward  Ithilien Essence Fragments that can be bartered with the Herb-master:

Ithilien-infused Essence Box

 Ithilien-infused Essence Box can be obtained by crafting or by completing the following deeds:

To craft a single  Wild Essence of Ithilien to barter to the Herb-master for the box:

Legendary Ithilien-infused Essence Box

 Legendary Ithilien-infused Essence Box can only be obtained by collecting 3x Wisp of a Legendary Ithilien Essence.

Rangers' Journal of Dagorlad

Rangers' Journal of Dagorlad are used to improve success when crafting Master-Armourer Master-Provisions and Master-Weaponist reputation items


These barterers offer tons of trades

These require different specific sub-reputations: