Yule: The Battle at Frostbluff

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Yule: The Battle at Frostbluff
Level: 10 - 130
Size: 1+3+6
Cluster: Seasonal
Region: Frostbluff
Location: [13.0N, 94.6W]
The Battle at Frostbluff

"A fierce cold has come down from the mountains threatening the games the children of Winterhome are playing in the fields!"


Yule: The Battle at Frostbluff, also known simply as The Battle at Frostbluff, is a Seasonal Instance accessible during the Yule Festival. Unusually frigid weather has descended upon Frostbluff, and the children of Winter-home need your help to drive back the chill from their snow-forts and restore the cheer of the season!

This instance is similar in style to a skirmish in that it includes banners and encounters and the instance can be run at different group sizes. However, there is only one tier of difficulty, no marks are awarded and the encounters are optional providing no benefit other than for completing a deed.

The instance takes place in Frostbluff and is accessible through the Instance Finder.




Two random encounters will appear during the course of the instance, during the fights for the second and third control points, respectively. They can be any two of the following:

Killing all six on-level will complete the deed Frostbluff's Frosty Beasts.

Instance Overview

This is a traditional offensive skirmish, in which you move between control points, claiming each one in turn.

After talking with the children and the "Queen of Cluckland" (a chicken) at the start, head east to the first control point, Grumpwood Tower. [12.8N, 94.3W] It will initially appear unpopulated except for a scattering of inanimate snowmen, but when you approach, random individual snowmen will turn into Cold Grims and Cold Wisps. Once these are cleared, the fire in the middle of the fort will ignite (good for removing effects like Persistent Cold), and you will need to fight off two counterattacks before claiming the control point banner.

Note that the first and second control points (but not the third) both have a large area debuff: Biting Winds-icon.png Biting Winds.

After claiming the first control point banner, head north and a bit west up the slope to the second control point, Cluckland Keep. [13.3N, 94.6W] This fight is similar to the first control point, except there are three counterattacks. Encounter 1 will appear on the nearby slope to the northeast [13.4N, 94.3W] at the start of the third counterattack.

Next, head southeast, past the Grumpwood Tower, to reach the third control point, Frostlake Fortress. [12.7N, 93.4W] Just past the Grumpwood Tower, watch out for a line of snowmen that will spawn grims. The fight at Frostlake Fortress is similar to the last two fights, except there are two bosses: the Haunting Cold is in the initial group of mobs, and the Shivering Maelstrom appears in the fourth and final counterattack. Encounter 2 will appear on the nearby slope to the north [13.0N, 93.6W] at the start of the third counterattack.

In all three forts you will find snow piles which can be looted for Perfect Snowballs. Throwing these at mobs will give them a moderate debuff: Frost 3 (tier 1)-icon.png Fight the Cold.


Click [+] to expand a list of mobs found within the instance.


Loot for this instance comes generally from daily quests, however, there is a Frosted Chest at the end that awards 5 Festivity Tokens. There is a different chest for each group size, the locks of which reset daily at 3 A.M. /servertime and are not shared between the different fellowship sizes for a possible 20 tokens daily per character.

Some people find that the chest for 2 and the 3 persons has the same lock, reducing the potential max number of Festivity Tokens.


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