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This page is about the ancient King of Arnor. For the final boss encounter in Haudh Valandil, see Dolvaethor
Biography: Valandil
Birth - Death Second Age 3430 - Third Age 249
Race: Man
Gender: Male
Ancestor(s): Elendil
Parent(s): Isildur
Child(ren): Eldacar
Descendant(s): Line of Arthedain
Aragorn II
Info: 3rd King of Arnor
Ruled as High King for 239 years
Brothers: Elendur, Aratan, and Ciryon


Valandil was the youngest of Isildur's four sons. He ruled as the third King of Arnor for 239 years, beginning III 10 (at the age of 21). He died 260 years old.

His name could mean "Friend of the Valar" in Quenya, or maybe "Devoted to the Powers" (another reference to the Valar). Perhaps he was named after his ancestor "Valandil, the first Lord of Andúnië" who lived through Second Age 630 - 870.

Valandil fathered Eldacar who succeeded him as the High King.

About Valandil can be told that he was but a small child at the time of "the War of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men", thus he was left behind in Imladris when his father and brothers went into the south. As such, he was the only one of Isildur's sons to survive the Battle of the Gladden Fields. However, he was not allowed to succeed his father as High King of Arnor until 8 years later, when he turned 21.

Notice though, Valandil's father was High King of Arnor as well as Gondor; why did not Valandil succeed him as High King of both realms? After the great battles when Sauron was defeated at Barad-dûr and before Isildur returned to Imladris, he committed the rule of Gondor to Meneldil, his nephew after Anárion, Isildur's dear but dead brother. Isildur had together with Anárion governed both realms and proved fair regarding heritage.

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