Tyrant Trintrû

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Creep-icon.png Tyrant Trintrû
Tyrant Trintrû.jpg
Faction Creep
Location Tol Ascarnen
Map ref [16.7S, 17.3W]
Race Uruk
Type Combat
Difficulty Arch-Nemesis
Level 141
Morale 1,107,856
Power 58,052


Tyrant Trintrû is the Tyrant of Tol Ascarnen when the Army of Angmar holds control of the fortress. He is flanked by four Nemesis chieftains, two on each side of him, in the upstairs main room of the castle.

Target of Quests

Deed Involvement

Tyrant Trintrû is one of the six leaders targeted by the freep deed Tyrants of the Enemy.

Special Abilities

Trintru has more special abilities than any other tyrant.

His first is a massive Shadow Damage dealing DoT. Another would be a Fear Resistance debuff that decreases the targets morale by 564, and that upon timing out, will root and silence the target for 8 seconds. When rooted and out of range for a melee attack, Trintru will shout at his target, dealing a large chunk of Shadow Damage to light armour wearers.

Trintrû also has a four second knockdown, as well as a self buff called Imposing Presence, that gives him +25% melee damage and -10 attack duration.

What makes Trintru most deadly is the buff he gets every time he defeats an enemy. The buff is called Glory in Victory. Each time he defeats an enemy, he adds another buff to himself. He gains +5% Melee damage, +5% Tactical damage, -5% Incoming Melee Damage, -5% Incoming Tactical Damage, and -5% Incoming Ranged damage for each buff applied. This buff can stack up to 37 max at once, making Trintru impossible to kill, even with a full raid.


Trintrû is the most powerful of Angmar's Tyrants. Only the War-tyrant can overpower him. This makes him all the more dangerous to the Free Peoples. A tactical genius, he delights in the taste of Man-flesh, particularly favouring the legs. He does not approve of Taskmaster Raulik's unhealthy addiction to Elf ears, however.


Barrel of Oil-icon.pngOpen Book-icon.pngFaded Sindarin Passage-icon.pngFood Sack-icon.pngShattered Blade-icon.pngTyrant's Lash-icon.pngHoarhallow Ale-icon.png


"Hold the centre, lads! Rise up and force these maggots away from here!"
"You maggot! I'll split your skull!"
"You think me stupid! I know your ways and will not fall victim!"
"Pitiful whelp, he didn't stand a chance."
"Run, lads! They have overwhelmed me, fall back!"