Tyrant Tharbîl

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Creep-icon.png Tyrant Tharbîl
Tyrant Tharbîl.jpg
Faction Creep
Location Lugazag
Map ref [15.4S, 19.9W]
Race Orc
Type Combat
Difficulty Arch-Nemesis
Level 140
Morale 4,617,720
Power 381,000


Tyrant Tharbîl is the commander of Angmar's forces stationed in Lugazag. He is located in the upper most room in Lugazag, with Chieftain Grazthluk to his left (facing him) and Chieftain Shatog on his right.

Target of Quests

Deed Involvement

Tyrant Tharbîl is one of the six leaders targeted by the freep deed Tyrants of the Enemy.

Special Abilities

Tyrant Tharbil has an armour rend that -2017 armour from whoever he slashes with it. He also has a double melee attack that usually hits 500 - 600 twice in a row. He also is known to hit much harder than any other Orc and Uruk tyrant with his auto attacks. He posses the ability Execute, which is a Fire Damage based attack that will hit light armour wearers for 5k non-crit.


Tharbîl is the Tyrant at Lugazag, and woe betide any worthless maggot who forgets it. A proud, prickly being, he values his loyalty to Angmar as more important than anyone else's. Long has dared to dream of being a War-tyrant and leading his own destructive force down upon the Free Peoples of Middle-earth. He treats his own minions with contempt, save those who serve him faithfully. Captain-General Harvestgain holds the place of honour in his black heart, for he hates him above all else and will not suffer him (nor anyone else) to take his command away.


Barrel of Oil-icon.pngOpen Book-icon.pngFaded Sindarin Passage-icon.pngFood Sack-icon.pngShattered Blade-icon.pngTyrant's Lash-icon.pngHoarhallow Ale-icon.png


"These maggots dare to face me?!"
"This tower is mine! But you can be my dinner!"
"Worthless sluggard!"
"This wound'll heal faster when I tear your flesh off!"
"I'm not so stupid as to leave my tower to face you worms!"
"Retreat to Gramsfoot! I am defeated! We need to regroup!"