Twins of Fire and Shadow

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The two Twins of Fire (Morgaraf) and Shadow (Cargaraf) are the second bosses encountered within the Barad Guldur instance in Mirkwood. Challenge mode is to kill Cargaraf and Morgaraf within 10 seconds of each other. Both twins primarily do tactical damage, aligned with their own element.


The bosses spawn from opposite ends of the room and attack at the same time. The healers should stand in the middle of the room, with the melee DPS and tanks on the near side and the ranged DPS on the far side. Guardians should go in Guardian's Threat stance as they can't block/evade/parry anyway. Pets can get eyes and drop puddles, but aren't affected by the DOTs from them, so park all ravens and heralds on top of each other in the middle of the bookshelves before starting the fight. This will reduce the number of eyes inflicted on players, and so long as the pets are set to passive and not to assist, the puddles will drop harmlessly off to the side.


Morgaraf will come from the right and should be picked up by one of the tanks and a Champion or Captain (heavy armour). He should be tanked at the spot where he enters the room. Only the heavies should stay in melee range. He does nasty debuffs/DOTs (if possible a Burglar can run in periodically to put a debuff on him).

The first DOT is called Infernal Heat, and will tier up if you stay in range.

The second DOT is called Immolated, and gives you a constant amount of damage that depends on the level of the instance.

The 3th one is called Residual Heat, and with this debuff you will do more tactical and ranged damage, but less melee damage; your power usage will also increase dramatically.

After some time, whoever has aggro will get a yellow eye. As soon as this happens they need to run to a wall away from the rest of the group, otherwise it will do A LOT of damage to anyone nearby. As the eye expires, the DOTs, debuffs and threat will also expire/reset, and another heavy will have to pick up aggro. It helps to have 2 tanks on Morgaraf for this reason.


Cargaraf enters from the left and needs to be range tanked - if anyone is in melee range, she will shout Away with you! and do a powerful AoE shadow attack. There's enough delay to run in and apply a debuff or melee corruption removal and get out, but it's risky. A Guardian or Warden won't be able to maintain aggro from range, so designate a Hunter with as much tac mit as possible to hold aggro and make sure to keep Frost-lore applied. The tank should stand about 15m away - any further and she will run into melee range. If this happens, wait a moment for her to stop moving and call out her AoE, then get back again.

From time to time Cargaraf will also say I see a shadow of doubt has entered your heart, PLAYERNAME, let it free!, the one she calls will get a purple eye. These eyes should be cured with fear pots / Muster Courage / Story of Courage, or they will hit for significant damage and spread to nearby members of the raid. If you are not able to remove it, get to a wall away from the group.


Both bosses will periodically get two Vile Energies corruptions which each give them 10% more tactical damage. Champions and other heavies can easily keep them off of Morgaraf, but since nobody should be in melee range of Cargaraf, all ranged corruption removers should focus on her. Establish a rotation or have someone (such as the ranged tank) call names for removal.

Blue Eyes

As soon as Cargaraf reaches 225k, blue eyes will start appearing. When Morgaraf also reaches 225k the amount of blue eyes will double. These eyes have the same effect as the eyes the Guldur Sorcerers gave you earlier in this instance - on expiration a shadow/fire puddle will appear at your feet. To avoid random puddles everywhere across the room, the best way is to drop them along the wall next to existing puddles. Leave a space at Morgaraf's gate for the yellow eye. Good puddle placement is crucial to a successful encounter, so everyone needs to pay attention. It can help to have someone call out names over voice chat.

Final Blow

With the melee dps on Morgaraf and the ranged dps on Cargaraf, keep an eye on their morale levels and have a Hunter or Champ switch targets if necessary to keep it even. Get them both down to 10k morale before killing them both within 10s of each other in order to complete challenge mode.

Level 85 Loot

Gear (Dol Guldur shared)
Hooded Cloak 1 (epic)-icon.pngCloak 1 (epic)-icon.pngMedium Boots 9 (epic)-icon.pngShield 1 (epic)-icon.pngHeavy Boots 12 (epic)-icon.pngMedium Boots 2 (epic)-icon.pngLight Shoes 1 (epic)-icon.pngWarden's Shield 14 (epic)-icon.pngPocket 10 (epic)-icon.png

Ring 62 (incomparable)-icon.pngMedium Boots 3 (incomparable)-icon.pngPocket 191 (incomparable)-icon.pngShield 33 (incomparable)-icon.pngEarring 25 (incomparable)-icon.pngCloak 1 (incomparable)-icon.png

Tier 2 Challenge
Symbol of Celebrimbor-icon.png
Riddermark Crystal of Remembrance-icon.pngStar-lit Crystal-icon.pngStat Tome-icon.pngRelic Removal Scroll-icon.pngFused Profound Relics-icon.pngFused Aged Relics-icon.pngSealed 3 Style 1-icon.pngSealed 3 Style 2-icon.pngSealed 3 Style 1-icon.pngSealed 13 Style 1-icon.pngSealed 12 Style 2-icon.pngSealed 13 Style 1-icon.pngSealed 9 Style 2-icon.pngSealed 9 Style 1-icon.pngSealed 9 Style 2-icon.pngSealed 9 Style 1-icon.pngHeritage Rune 65-icon.pngHeritage Rune 65-icon.png

Old Non-scaled Drops

Dark Emblem of Hand-icon.pngDark Emblem of the Spirit-icon.png1091575506-1090519044-1091575505-1091575504.pngMedium Leggings 5 (incomparable)-icon.png1091575192-1090519044-1091575193-1091575194.pngLight Hat 2 (incomparable)-icon.pngLight Hat 4 (rare)-icon.pngHeavy Helm 5 (rare)-icon.pngOne-handed Sword 3 (rare)-icon.pngShield 4 (rare)-icon.pngHeavy Helm 2 (rare)-icon.png