Troves and Trickery (2009)

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The victims of these tricks have been replaced by others, and these actions are obsolete.

Troves and Trickery

The Harvest Festival has come! The quests Troves and Trickery have become available in Thorin's Hall, Bree, Hobbiton and Duillond. The quest is repeatable every 12 hours.

The basic task for each of these is to find four NPCs within the area that have a blue icon representing you have a quest with them already. Talking to them will give you a message describing an emote they may want you to do for them.

Note: These NPCs do not need to be visited in any specific order.

Note: You do not need to be near the NPC or dismount to complete the emote. As long as you can target the NPC and do the emote you will get credit.

Thorin's Hall

Quest giver: Guthlag (Trickster, just outside the Auction Hall area)

Dwalin (At the throne, Thorin's Hall) Even though I lead here, there are times I really wish I could throw a terrible fit.

  • Emote: tantrum

Adwyn Flame-eye (Bowyer in central hall, Thorin's Hall) Before the orcs hacked my leg, I had the fiercest excercises -- somersaults, sit-ups, push-ups, I did them all.

  • Emote: pushups

Egil Oldbeard (Crafters hall next to supplier, Thorin's Hall) You are such a little whelp. I bet your the strength of your arm is not much more than that of a small goblin's!

  • Emote: flex

Kaupi or Farmann or Fathi (Auctioneers, Auction Hall of Thorin's Hall) In the old days, I led the charge into battle against the goblins and Orcs. Such fond memories.

  • Emote: charge


Quest giver: Bryony Elmwood (Trickster, standing just north of the Boar Fountain, Bree

Lily Sandheaver (Grocer, At her home east of West Bree Gate, Bree) I've just been exhausted lately. Taking care of the farm plot behind me has tuckered me right out. I could really use a nice, long nap.

  • Emote: yawn

Mat Heathertoes (In Beggar's Alley, Bree) This is great, that is great, everything is perfect, life is wonderful, the sun will come out tommorrow. Don't believe it.

  • Emote: mock

Tad Ashmead (On a crate infront of City Hall, Bree) You look like you have been in a scrap recently, [Your name]. You should clean yourself off.

  • Emote: dustoff

Tad Leafcutter (Outside of the Hunter's Lodge, Bree) Do you feel a draft? Wait, we're outside, can you have a draft outside? Either way, a chill just rode down my spine.

Note: You must have completed the Bree reputation quest before you can see the blue icon.

  • Emote: shiver

The Shire

Quest giver: Egbert Took (At a tent nearby The Party Tree)

Ted Sandyman (At the Bywater Bridge, Hobbiton) Working the fields all day makes your muscles stiff. You need to make sure you take a moment to relax, rest, and ensure everything is good and in working order.

  • Emote: stretch

Daddy Twofoot (OutsideThe Ivy Bush, Hobbiton) If you don't mind me saying, this is embarassing. Well, your clothes, around the back...backside, they're not quite fitting right.

  • Emote: pick (Pick out a wedgie)

Porto Brownlock (Novice Farmhand, In a field east of The Party Tree, Hobbiton) I can't wait until I'm done out here in the field, and I can go home and enjoy a nice ale and my pipe.

  • Emote: smoke

Lobelia Sackville-Baggins (Outside of Bag End, Hobbiton) Note: She does not have a blue ring or a message for you. You need to get her attention.

  • Emote: faint (That ought to get her attention)


Quest Giver: Gloreniel (At the festival area south of the Stablemaster, Duillond)

Nathronwen (First staircase south-east part of town, Duillond) Have you ever seen someone stand upside down? It brings me delight every time I see it, thought I have not seen any but an Elf perform such a feat.

  • Emote: handstand

Fanhir (One-handed Weaponsmith, on the most eastern platform, Duillond) You are supposed to entertain me? I would wage a kitten has a louder cry than you do.

  • Emote: roar

Lubathred (Notary, on a cliff-ledge platform South-eastern part of town, Duillond) You should bow down before me. Do you know who I am? Do you know how long I have lived and walked these lands? You are but a speck compared to me.

  • Emote: cower

Barchiril (Duillond Housing Broker, Just outside the homesteads of Ered Luin, Falathlorn) This leaf is the grandest leaf I have ever seen. The ridges, the colour, the texture...everything is absolutely perfect. Middle-earth, in any age, has never seen a leaf this inspired. Can you not appreciate its great beauty? Do you even care...?"

  • Emote: whippitydo

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