Troves and Trickery

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Troves and Trickery are quests available during the Harvest Festival with the aim of provoking certain NPCs using appropriate emotes on them. The rewards for these quests include festival mask tokens which are different for each location. For instance, a reward for Troves and Trickery -- Thorin's Hall is a Dwarf Mask Token which can be turned in for a Bucket Festival Mask.

Each quest has a timer during which the player must find each of the four NPCs in any order and perform the correct emote while selecting that NPC. The player does not need to be near the NPC nor does he need to dismount except when using certain emotes such as /dance. After finding each NPC, return to the quest giver within the time limit to receive a reward.

Thorin's Hall

Quest giver: Guthlág (Trickster, near the dancing area in Thorin's Hall Inn)

Labourer (In the north-western part of the tunnel leading to Thorin's Hall Inn) It certainly gets very dull down here, working as much as I do, with only the sound of water and chattering dwarves to distract me. If only there was something else.

  • Emote: whistle

Townsperson (In the central hall, near Jolfur, the Hunter trainer in Hall of Kings) I am terribly sad today. I am training to be a Guard of Thorin's Hall, but I am hopeless with a bow. So hopeless, in fact, that I shot on of Dwalin's finest kegs on the other side of the room instead of the very target before me. All the dwarves who saw made fun of me so....

  • Emote: mock

Townsperson (in The Maker's Hall near Nagli the Novice Woodworker) I am so thirsty, <player name>, and my friend here will not let me drink of this plentiful store of ale behind him. I would give anything for just a sip. Just a little taste!

  • Emote: drink

Townsperson (in The Forging Hall) I don't do this work because I particularly like to work. I do this work because a dwarf cannot be respected without a good, stout, strong pair of arms. What do you think of these great limbs of mine, wanderer?

  • Emote: flex


Quest giver: Bryony Elmwood (Trickster, Festival Grounds[24.6S, 51.5W]))

Townperson (just south of the Prancing Pony in Bree[29.9S, 51.2W]) Don't I have news for you, traveler!.... (she goes on for a while) quite content with my eight dresses. What do you say to that?

  • Emote: whippitydo

Townperson (in Beggar's Alley in Bree[30.9S, 52.6W]) I dance all day! If I ever stop, my legs will turn to trees, so I dance, dance, dance all day, every day! What can a man do with two trees for legs? They tell me I'm mad, but they will not think so when their legs turn to trees.

  • Emote: crazy

Townperson (near the Bree-town Auction Hall[31.9S, 50.6W]) I spent all my week's pay in the Auction Hall, I did. You should lend me some money. A fine traveler like yourself must have some money, and I shall turn it into a handsome profit for you. What do you say to that: yes or no?

  • Emote: no

Townperson (passed out, just north of the Stone Quarter in Bree[30.6S, 52.0W]) My mother will give me an earful when I wander home stinking of beer. Alas, alas!

  • Emote: scold

The Shire

Quest giver: Egbert Took (at a tent nearby the Party Tree[29.9S, 71.3W]))

Townperson (in a gazebo just south-west of the stable in Hobbiton [31.6S, 71.4W] )
I'm so stuffed, I don't know what to do! I've had five meals in a row, and a fair amount to drink as well. I'd love to eat more, but I'm not sure there's room. What should I do?

  • Emote: burp

Townperson (on a dock just east of the Bywater Bridge in Hobbiton [31.0S, 70.9W])
I'd better catch a fish soon. I've been here all day, and I haven't seen so much as a fin! I would give anything to see a fish right now -- any fish at all. I'm about to lose my temper!

  • Emote: tantrum

Farmer (near the Bywater Bridge in Hobbiton [30.7S, 71.1W])
Don't you just hate when you see a creeping, crawling thing, and then suddenly your skin crawls for the next hour? Why, just that very thing happened to me! I saw a spider, and now I am shuddering all over!

  • Emote: shiver

Townperson (close to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins at Bag End [29.5S, 71.2W])
If you don't mind me saying, this is embarrassing. Well, your clothes, around the back...backside, they're not quite fitting right.

  • Emote: pick (Pick out a wedgie)


Quest Giver: Gloreniel at the Festival Garden [24.5S, 93.1W]

Townperson (at the tower furthest south-east in Duillond[24.6S, 92.4W] What do you see out yonder? I stand here often, and watch.

  • Emote: look

Guardsman (on the most eastern platform in Duillond[23.9S, 92.5W] Mae govannen! You look to be an accomplished <class name>. I can tell by your eyes that you have seen many a battle, like myself. I greet you, and give salute to your great valour. We warriors are as kin!

  • Emote: hail

Townperson (near the ovens in the crafting area of Duillond[24.1S, 93.2W] Goodness me, you startled me! I was simply, ah, standing guard over this delightful display. I only sampled it to ensure that it was sufficiently delicious, which it is. It was just a taste! You will not tell anyone, will you?

  • Emote: eat

Musician (just north-east of the stable in Duillond[24.1S, 93.0W] How I love to gather for festivities! Music can be so inspiring, <player name>; do you not agree? We are missing something, though, if this is to be a true party...."

  • Emote: dance *Note - you must be dismounted to dance!

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