Trapper of Foes Skills

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These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Trapper Of Foes (yellow) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Skill Category Focus Range Induct / Cool Source
Lingering Wound-icon.png Lingering Wound Ranged Damage + DoT 30m - / 1s Set: Initial Skill
Decoy-icon.png Decoy Threat Reduction Self - / 1m Set: Initial Skill
Tripwire-icon.png Tripwire Trap + Crowd Control - / 1m Trait: Tripwire (Trait)-icon.png Tripwire
Deadly Decoy-icon.png Deadly Decoy Threat Reduction + Damage Self - / 1m Set: Deadly Decoy-icon.png Deadly Decoy
Explosive Arrow (Trait)-icon.png Explosive Arrow Damage -3 Focus 30m - / 30s Trait: Explosive Arrow (Trait)-icon.png Explosive Arrow
Set Trap-icon.png Triple Trap Trap + Damage - / 1m Set: Triple Trap (Trapper of Foes)-icon.png Triple Trap
Rain of Thorns-icon.png Rain of Thorns Ranged Damage + Root 3m - / 10s Trait: Rain of Thorns (Trait)-icon.png Rain of Thorns
Piercing Trap.png Piercing Trap Trap + DoT - / 45s Trait: Piercing Trap.png Piercing Trap
The One Trap-icon.png The One Trap Trap + Damage + DoT - / 45s Trait: The One Trap-icon.png The One Trap