Tom Cotton

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Tom Cotton
Image of Tom Cotton
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Hobbiton-Bywater
Settlement Tom Cotton's Farm
Map Ref [32.5S, 69.4W]


Tolman Cotton lives with his family at a well-kept farm just north of Bywater and next to the Three Farthing Stone, in the midst of The Shire.

During the Farmers Faire Tom is also found at the mushroom tent next to the Three Farthing Stone. There he is chatting with Farmer Maggot and Hamfast Gamgee.

Tom is his nickname, short from Tolman which hail from his father Holman. He married Lily Brown and they had five children: Tom, Rosie, Jolly, Nick and Nibs. He is a good friend of Gaffer Gamgee, Sam's father.

From early on Tom wanted to drive off Sharkey's men from The Shire but the general Hobbits were not convinced.

However, history later than present Lotro time will tell that when Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and Sam returned to The Shire, the very next day Tom and his sons went down to Bywater to convince the Hobbits to take up the fight. A squad of Sharkey's men arrived and Tom alone met them face to face while the Hobbits silently, as only Hobbits can do, overtook and won the skirmish. This event triggered the Battle of Bywater which was fought the following day, 3 November T.A. 3019. Frodo and his fellowship stayed at Tom's farm for many more days during the repair of Bag End and Bagshot Row. [1]


"There have been strange happenings of late. Best keep up your watch."
"My boys are the strongest in all of Bywater!"
"Where did Nibs get off to?"