Thrymm Red-beard

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Thrymm Red-beard
Image of Thrymm Red-beard
Title Hero of Wildermore
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Wildermore
Area Writhendowns
Settlement Thrymm Red-beard's Camp
Map Ref [33.4S, 58.4W]


Thrymm Red-beard, the Hero of Wildermore is the greatest warrior and leader of this northern region of Rohan. He is bethrothed to Cyneberg and the nephew of Reeve Gárwig.
After defeating Núrzum and freeing Wildermore of Saruman's spells, he rides south and be encountered at the War-stead of the Eorlingas, in Taur Drúadan. Several months later, you can meet him at the Midsummer wedding of Aragorn and Arwen recounting the story. Again.

Quest Involvement


The Battle of Pelennor Fields:

Minas Tirith (After Battle):