The Watcher of Resolve

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The Watcher of Resolve (Blue line) is a Minstrel Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are The Warrior-Skald and The Protector of Song.

The Watcher of Resolve
Shields and heals your allies with Song.
Powerful healers, offering buffs to healing potency and frequency. These Minstrels heal the Morale of the Fellowship and themselves.
Skills Earned:
Resonant Anthem of the Third Age-icon.png Anthem of the Third Age - Resonance
Soliloquy of Spirit-icon.png Soliloquy of Spirit
Scoring a Critical Hit increases Outgoing Healing by 10% for 10s.
You cannot gain this effect more than once every 25s.
+10% Outgoing Healing Modifier
Duration: 10s


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in The Watcher of Resolve (blue) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Stance Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Resonant Anthem of the Third Age-icon.png Anthem of the Third Age - Resonance Buff 5s - Set: Initial Skill
Soliloquy of Spirit-icon.png Soliloquy of Spirit HoT 1.5s 25m Set: Initial Skill
Perfect Ending-icon.png Perfect Ending Heal 5s 25m Set: Snowball-icon.png Snowball
Triumphant Spirit-icon.png Triumphant Spirit AoE Heal 4m 20m Trait: Triumphant Spirit (Trait)-icon.png Triumphant Spirit
Call to Ioreth(skill)-icon.png Call to Ioreth Buff 1m Self Set: Call to Ioreth (Trait)-icon.png Call to Ioreth
Legend of Helm Hammerhand-icon.png Legend of Helm Hammerhand AoE Bubble 2m 20.2m Trait: Legend of Helm Hammerhand (Trait)-icon.png Legend of Helm Hammerhand

Set Bonuses

Set Bonus Description Source
Open Ears-icon.png Resolute Increases Block Rating. Set: 5+ total ranks
Resonant Ballads-icon.png Resonant Ballads All Ballads increase Outgoing Healing by an extra 3%. Set: 10+ total ranks
Snowball-icon.png Snowball Healing skills build a stacking buff. At maximum stack, you can use a powerful heal.
Skills Earned: Perfect Ending
Set: 15+ total ranks
Bolster Our Courage-icon.png Bolster Our Courage A portion of Bolster Courage's heal is also applied to nearby Fellows. Set: 20+ total ranks
Call to Ioreth (Trait)-icon.png Call to Ioreth Grants access to Call to Ioreth, which causes your next heal to be a critical heal.
Skills Earned: Call to Ioreth
Set: 25+ total ranks
Rally! (Trait)-icon.png Rally! -300 Rally! Cooldown Set: 30+ total ranks
Chord of Legend-icon.png Chord of Legend +100% Chord of Salvation Healing Set: 35+ total ranks


Trait Description Source
Poignant Phrases-icon.png Poignant Phrases Increases Critical Healing. Trait: 0+ ranks
Soothing Voice-icon.png Soothing Voice Increases the potency of Heals. Trait: 0+ ranks
Strong Appeal-icon.png Strong Appeal Increases the Crit chance of heals. Trait: 5+ ranks, Poignant Phrases at rank 3
Improved Bolster Courage-icon.png Improved Bolster Courage Bolster Courage delivers a more potent heal. Trait: 5+ ranks
Pause for Breath-icon.png Pause for Breath Healing skills have a chance to refund their Power cost.
At max rank, heals refund more than their Power cost.
Trait: 5+ ranks
Quick Melody-icon.png Quick Melody Lowers skill induction time, letting you heal faster. Trait: 10+ ranks
Inspiring Finish-icon.png Inspiring Finish Ballads have a chance to build a stacking enhancement for Coda of Resonance.
Each stack will cause Coda of Resonance to add 3% Outgoing Healing, up to 15%.
Trait: 10+ ranks
Resonant Piercing Cry (Trait)-icon.png Resonant Piercing Cry Scoring a Critical Hit with Resonant Piercing Cry increases the Bolster Courage and Raise the Spirit around the target. Trait: 15+ ranks
Improved Chord of Salvation (Trait)-icon.png Improved Chord of Salvation Chord of Salvation gains a fellowship-wide heal. Trait: 15+ ranks
Improved Song of the Hammerhand-icon.png Improved Song of the Hammerhand Enhances the potency of the bubble from Song of the Hammerhand. Trait: 15+ ranks
Follow Up-icon.png Follow Up Critical Heals speed up skill use. Trait: 20+ ranks, Strong Appeal at rank 3
Triumphant Spirit (Trait)-icon.png Triumphant Spirit Earns the skill: Triumphant Spirit. Trait: 20+ ranks
Improved Coda of Resonance-icon.png Improved Coda of Resonance Coda of Resonance briefly reduces incoming damage. Trait: 25+ ranks
Inspiring Cries and Calls-icon.png Inspiring Cries and Calls Healing skills have a chance to reset the cooldown of Cries and Calls. You cannot gain this effect more than once every 15s. Trait: 25+ ranks
Inner Strength-icon.png Inner Strength Your songs infuse inner strength in your allies. Trait: 30+ ranks
Legend of Helm Hammerhand (Trait)-icon.png Legend of Helm Hammerhand Earns the skill: Legend of Helm Hammerhand Trait: 30+ ranks