The Pillar of the White Hand

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The Pillar of the White Hand
Type: Landmark
Region: Dunland
Area: Nan Curunir
Location: [84.9S, 3.0W]
The Pillar of the White Hand at night


The Pillar of the White Hand (alternately, Pillar of the Hand), is a fierce and gruesome emblem of Saruman's treacherous bid for power.

The hand, once attached to the figure of Cirion the Steward of Gondor from the Cuthstan in the Great River, has been brought just inside the entrance of Nan Curunir. The hand has been kept precariously balanced on top of a Gondorian-style column by the use of a brace and a massive chain wound around the components. Thoroughly covered in white paint, the fingertips have been "bloodied" with some vibrant red stain.

If this emblem is not suggestive enough of the unfriendly nature of the area, the presence of hostile half-orc guards should quickly deter the casual traveler from venturing further into this bleak domain.


The Pillar of the White Hand lies immediately inside Nan Curunir's southern entrance, located beside the road leading to the Tower of Orthanc.

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