The Claw

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The Claw (Red line) is a Beorning Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are The Hide and the Roar.

The Claw
Consumes Wrath to Deal Crushing Damage.
Empowering both Bear and Man, this line focuses on overpowering foes with devastating attacks.
Skills Earned:
Bash (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Bash
Expose (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Expose (Man)Expose (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Expose (Bear)
Bestial Fury:
Whenever you Critically Hit with skills you gain:
+3 Wrath


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Claw (red) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Active Skills Category Form Cooldown Range Source
Bash (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Bash Melee + DoT Bear 12s 2.5m Set: Initial Skill
Expose (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Expose (Man)Expose (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Expose (Bear) Melee + Debuff Man 5s 2.5m Set: Initial Skill
Execute (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Execute Melee Bear 3s 2.5m Trait: Execute (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Execute
Call To Wild (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Call To Wild Buff Any 2m Self Trait: Call To Wild (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Call To Wild

Set Bonuses

Set Bonus Description Source
Flayer of Evil (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Flayer of Evil Buff Set: 5+ total ranks
Battle Born (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Battle Born Buff Set: 10+ total ranks
Sharpened Claws (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Sharpened Claws Improves skill Ferocious Roar Set: 15+ total ranks
Brutal Energy (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Brutal Energy Improves skill Relentless Maul Set: 20+ total ranks
Festering Wounds (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Festering Wounds Improves skill Bash Set: 25+ total ranks
Raining Blows (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Raining Blows Improves skill Thrash - Tier 1 Set: 30+ total ranks
Wrathful (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Wrathful Buff Set: 35+ total ranks


Tree Traits Description Source
Thrash Damage (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Thrash Damage Improves skill Thrash - Tier 1 Trait: 0+ ranks
Critical Chance (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Critical Chance Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Any Advantage (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Any Advantage Improves skill Slam Trait: 0+ ranks
Bleed Damage (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Bleed Damage Improves skill Slash Trait: 5+ ranks
Execute (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Execute Gain skill Execute Trait: 5+ ranks
Lumber (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Lumber Improves skill Rush Trait: 10+ ranks
Serrated Edge (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Serrated Edge Improves skill Biting Edge Trait: 10+ ranks
Melee Damage (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Melee Damage Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Enraging Sacrifice (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Enraging Sacrifice Improves skill Sacrifice Trait: 15+ ranks
Final Strike (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Final Strike Improves skill Execute Trait: 15+ ranks, Execute (1)
Turn the Tides (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Turn the Tides Improves skill Nature's Vengeance Trait: 20+ ranks
Crippling Stings (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Crippling Stings Improves skill Bee Swarm Trait: 20+ ranks
Composure (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Composure Changes skill Hearten to Composure Trait: 25+ ranks
Moment of Opportunity (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Moment of Opportunity Improves skill Execute Trait: 25+ ranks, Final Strike (2)
Broad Thrash (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Broad Thrash Improves skill Thrash - Tier 3 Trait: 30+ ranks
Call To Wild (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Call To Wild Gain skill Call To Wild Trait: 30+ ranks